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Why Us

The simple answer is: Because we care. We want our students to succeed in learning Mandarin, to immerse themselves into Chinese culture, to enjoy this fantastic country, to make new friends, and offer a program that fits the individual requirements of each student.

How do we do that? First, in order to learn a language, we believe you have to Live The Language and that is where our name comes from. That’s why everyone at Live the Language Mandarin School (LTL) is dedicated to one aim: helping our students achieve Chinese fluency in the shortest time possible by encouraging language immersion. As such we are committed to quality teaching and providing an immersive environment that makes Mandarin learning relevant, interesting and effective.

great teachers at LTL Mandarin schoolOur Teachers:

All LTL teachers are certified and experienced at teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Every teacher we recruit must hold a BA or MA in ‘Teaching Chinese as a foreign language’ (对外汉语), a four year course where they learn about teaching methods, Chinese linguistics, culture and English combined with work experience teaching. On top of this we also require our teachers to have at least two years of teaching experience before working with us and to pass a strict interview process including demonstration classes. Our teachers are professionals who have chosen to dedicate their career to teaching this beautiful language. We believe that with good teachers even the most challenging of subjects can be made simple and attainable.

LTL Student Nationality MixDiversity:

An LTL class room is usually like a mini United Nations. Our students come from all over the world, backgounds and speak dozens of different languages. While the three biggest student nationalities are the USA, UK and Germany, none of them make up more than a sixth of the total student population. Many LTL students studied at famous universities or pursue successful international careers, but the mix and diversity in nationalities, experiences and age ranges is a key reason why studying at LTL is not just a language course but a life experience. Anyone who spent some time with us is likely to have not only made friends from China, but from all over the world. At the same time, while students tend to be very different, everyone at LTL is united in one aim and passion: learning Chinese, finding out about this amazing country and culture and of course make new friends along the way.

Great immersion options at LTL Mandarin schoolImmersion:

We want our students to not only speak Mandarin during class, but use it every day, soak up the culture, and truly experience this amazing country. This applies to beginners just as much as to intermediate students. Whatever you learned, you should use and practice as soon as possible, however simple or basic. Want to join a local amateur football team? Live with a Chinese family? Sign up for a badminton class? Do a full immersion course? Let us help you to immerse yourself into Chinese culture and language from the first day you are in China. If you feel your Chinese is not good enough to organize an activity yet or simply do not know where to find the information, just talk to your LTL immersion specialist and we will do the planning for you.

LTL Mandarin School offers a great communityCommunity:

For most of our students, LTL is more than just a language school but a home away from home and the center of a very active social community. Our students have very diverse backgrounds, however everyone has the same aim: to learn Mandarin, discover China and make new friends. It does not matter if you study 1-on-1 or in a small group, all LTL students meet every day for lunch at our school, go for school dinners, and often travel on the weekends together. You will meet the other new students during the LTL Monday welcome breakfast and go on to share experiences such as eating real Beijing duck and climbing the Great Wall. Experiences that will see you form lifelong friendships.


great service at LTL Mandarin school Service:

Living in China, a country where English is not spoken, is most of the time a lot of fun, however at times can also be quite challenging, especially at the beginning. How to exchange money, get wireless mobile service, find the next bus station, buy clothes and many other seemingly basic tasks can be difficult when you do not fully understand yet what people say and live in a culture that different to your own. Let the LTL team be your cultural translator, advise you when you do not know what to do, and be your friend when you feel lost. We will help you to settle into this culture, introduce you to new friends, take you out for dinners, and translate for you when you do not understand. For most of our students LTL is more than just a school, it is a home away from home, where you meet friends, get help and support, or just share your experiences with others over a cup of tea.


While LTL is accredited by the Chinese, German and Swedish governments as a certified Chinese language school, the official Mandarin teaching centre for Michigan State University in Beijing and is one of China’s leading language schools, we think it is not the official certificates that matter, but the experiences and continued trust of our students and their families. Chinese homestay families trust LTL to organize for international students to live in their homes, students from all around the world rely on LTL to organize their stays in China, and parents trust LTL to ensure the safety of their children in China. We are very proud to have gained that trust during many years of hard work and for us there is nothing more important than to justify that trust put into us by our students, homestay families, and many partners.

Want to know what it is like to study with LTL in China? If you want to speak directly to someone who’s testimonials is on any of the pages of this website, we will put you in touch straight away. Or if you want to speak to an LTL alumni from your home country, we have had students from almost every country of this planet study with us and we would be happy to connect you. Please ask to be put in contact with an LTL alumni.

What our students say

Chinese language studentLTL is great, with fantastic teachers, a fun social community, well taught classes, the option to join a lot of school social events and  a very friendly atmosphere. That’s why I am spending my summer vacation studying here for the second year in a row right now.

– Nikolaus, Austria