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LTL works to make sure every student has an amazing learning experience. Here’s what a few of our students had to say after their time at LTL. We are very proud of the great feedback we continue to receive about our programs and wish we had more space here to publish all the stories we received. If you are looking for testimonials for specific courses, accommodation options or services, you will find them with the program descriptions or check our blog for more in depth reviews.

Video Testimonials

– Sim Sim, Austria 

24 weeks of Intensive Immersion program, followed by 12 weeks 1-on-1.

– Fabian, Germany

2 weeks and then 3 weeks of the Chengde Immersion Program  

– Marc, USA 

18 week Semester Program in Homestay accommodation

– Andrea, Germany

4 weeks of small group class with Chinese Homestay and 3 month Internship  


Feedback from full-time students

“My teacher has a superior way of ‘getting’ where I’m coming from and then knowing exactly what approach to use to help get me to that next level. My class is one-on-one, and so the topic may meander from learning how to say what I had tried to tell a server in a restaurant that day to figuring out how to read a menu in characters to working through a new grammar structure that presented itself in the course of the conversation. I like this style because it allows me to learn in each class exactly what is most relevant to me. I am happy with LTL because it delivers on what it sells: good Chinese language classes.”                                            – Sarah, USA

Four months of full-time 1-on-1 classes, Chinese homestay and survival kit

“My 4 weeks in Beijing have been amazing! I have had a wonderful time – living with my homestay family, having dinner with Chinese friends, learning Mandarin, visiting the Great Wall and exploring Beijing. So much of this was possible because of the LTL staff. You helped me make my trip as I envisioned it. Thank you for your flexibility and dedication. I’ll never forget this trip!”                                                           – Eleanor, USA

Four weeks of small group class, Chinese homestay and survival kit

“I decided to spend my university semester abroad with LTL, and I’m so happy I did. The school gave me help and support right from the start and throughout my stay. I’ve taken great Chinese lessons and worked full-time as an intern in a Chinese company, which was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to return once I finish my degree!”                                                                 – Katarina, Croatia

Four weeks small group class, Chinese homestay, survival kit and internship

“As with last year, LTL helped me a lot in improving my Chinese again. Not only is the teaching very good, also the staff is always very helpful in solving any problems that can arise for a foreigner in China. Hope to find the time to come again.”
– Dankrad, UK


First trip: three weeks 1-on-1 class, Chinese homestay and survival kit
Second trip: two weeks intensive 1-on-1 and Chinese homestay


Feedback from part-time students

“I studied Business Chinese for one year with LTL. Because I have to travel abroad a lot for work, it was great how supportive the staff was with scheduling. They were professional and flexible with everything, including my curriculum. I’d recommend them to others looking to study in Shanghai.”

– Chris, UK, Partner, Booz Allen Consulting

“I had been living in China for a year and a half with little success in earning Chinese. Once I started with LTL, my level improved quickly and I began to enjoy taking classes. I would recommend LTL to anyone who is serious about improving their Mandarin.”
– Eibo, Germany, Rehabilitation Specialist


“Between group classes in the chilled-out, friendly school to more pressing one-to-one tutoring in my office, LTL has given the support I need to maximize my understanding of and ability to use the Chinese language. My teachers have been very patient with my many many questions about almost everything Chinese! Xiexie!”
– Fergus, Ireland, Financial Analyst

“Before starting my Skype lessons, I thought online classes might not offer the same learning experience, but I was pleasantly surprised! The sound quality is great and you can share your desktop with your teacher. For me there is no difference between face-to-face and Skype lessons. Since I travel a lot, that’s a big advantage to me.”
– Kay, Germany, Siemens

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