Individual Chinese Courses

Study Mandarin in China at our Chinese School solely aimed at helping you achieve fluency as quickly as possible. With our fully certified teachers and tailored lesson plans the aim of our individual Chinese courses is to get you ahead fast. You decide what you wish to learn. That can range from anything to tones and pronunciation to speaking in public situations. No two lessons are the same and you will experience the Chinese language first hand as you study abroad at our Mandarin School in Shanghai. Our Director of Studies will gauge your Chinese level with our pre-course assessment. This isn’t a test, but a way for us to assign you to current level of Chinese. All levels are welcome and you can join for up to one year.

Individual Chinese classes in Shanghai

  • Certified teachers to get you ahead fast
  • Tailored lesson plans
  • Meet and spend time with other LTL students
  • 60-minute Chinese lessons
  • No lesson is ever the same
  • All the focus is on you
  • Enjoy support from LTL School
  • Tailored Lesson Plans

    Tailored Lesson Plans

    You are the boss – Choose what you want to study
    Assessment – We will help you design the perfect study plan
    Rapid progression – Study Mandarin 1 on 1, it’s the fastest way to progress
    Materials included – No other fees, all textbooks and materials included

  • Learn Chinese from the best

    Learn Chinese from the best

    Top Teachers – We employ the best, you are in safe hands
    Professional – All teachers have years of experience and degrees
    No class is the same – Make progress with information, interesting classes
    Loyal – On average our teachers stay with us for more than 5 years

  • Enjoy speedy progression

    Enjoy speedy progression

    4 or 6 hours – Everyday, you decide which suits you best
    Focus on you – No distractions, just you and your teacher
    Intensive – Study Chinese in China everyday and apply it after class
    Never lose out – If there is a holiday, your classes are made up

  • LTL Family

    LTL Family

    Support – We are always on hand to help
    Students – Mix with our group of students before and after class
    Be social – Join us for Lunch and our social events
    Personal touch – Every student matters, no one is a number

Individual Mandarin Course in Shanghai 

Our individual Chinese courses aims to get your Mandarin up to optimum level as quickly as possible. Our three Chinese language programs at LTL School will help you do just this:

  • Standard Individual Mandarin gives you 20 hours of lessons per week, four hours every day.
  • Intensive Individual Mandarin offers 30 hours per week, six hours per day.
  • You can also mix Individual with our Small Group Classes in Shanghai with our Small Group and Individual combined course. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss any of these options further.
Course Standard Intensive Small Group & Individual
Hours per week 20 (1-on-1) 30 (1-on-1)  20 (group) + 10 (1-on-1)
Start dates Any Monday Any Monday  Small Group start date
Duration 1-52 weeks  1-52 weeks  1-24 weeks

Before you come to study Mandarin in China you will receive an assessment from our Director of Studies. This will allow us to gauge your current Mandarin level. This assessment can be done over Skype or Whatsapp and is a basic conversation, not a test. This helps us create the perfect study plan for you.

Mandarin courses start on any Monday of the year at LTL School. You decide on the length of the course; we provide the expertise.


Duration % OFF Standard Individual Intensive Individual Small Group & Individual
1 wk  0% 4,644 6,966 4,644
2 wks  -4% 8,886 13,327 8,885
3 wks -13% 12,115  18,173 12,115
4 wks -17% 15,346 23,019 15,346
5 wks -19% 18,779 28,168 18,779
6 wks -21% 22,050  33,075  22,050
7 wks -23% 25,160  37,739 25,160
8 wks -24% 28,108 42,161  28,108
9 wks -26% 30,894  46,341  30,894
10 wks -28%  33,519 50,279 33,519
11 wks -30% 35,983  53,974 35,983
12 wks -30% 38,769 58,154  38,769
13-52 wks -30% 3,231/wk 4,846/wk  3,231/wk

All prices are listed in Chinese Yuan and include all your study materials. There are zero hidden costs. The longer you join for the greater the discount.

Extra LTL Mandarin School China Programs

Shanghai Safari 

Fancy something different? Enjoy getting out the classroom? That’s exactly why we’ve created the Shanghai Safari. There is no better way to learn Chinese in China than in real life situations. Go shopping, enjoy ordering food or use public transport. You’ll learn and use day to day essentials in the Shanghai Safari.

You will be accompanied by a certified Mandarin teacher who will teach you the vocabulary you need. You will then receive feedback and before you know it you’ll be using Mandarin on the streets everywhere you go.

These programs are upgrades and can only be purchased on top of an Individual Chinese course.

Warm Up – Before setting off on the adventure you will be briefed by your teacher. You will study Chinese vocabulary and structures to help you on the way.

Safari – We have 20 different Shanghai Safari’s for you to embark on that range from speaking to a property assistant about pricing of houses to asking a shop assistant where to find your favourite brand of clothing.

Cool Down – You will review the lesson with your teacher and see what you did well, and where you slightly went wrong. You will also be suggested alternative phrases you could use. Learning Mandarin is all about making mistakes so do not be afraid. Approach with confidence and enjoy the Safari.

Discover Shanghai

Chinese culture is so important to Chinese locals and Shanghai has it in abundance. Whether it’s a trip to gorgeous Yu Garden, People’s Square or one of Shanghai’s many soaring skyscrapers. This is another specifically designed outdoor program that gets you out of the classroom and learning Mandarin in China. You will meet your teacher at our Mandarin school in China and go to a different location each day.


  • All Chinese language levels from A1 to C2 can partake
  • Explore different sites in Shanghai each lesson
  • 20 hr/wk of your 1-on-1 classes will be upgraded to Discover classes
  • The upgrade can be applied for a maximum of 2 weeks
  • You are responsible for any purchases made during your Discover classes

What Our Students Say

Mia Testimony for LTL
United Kingdom

"My classes were great. I loved how I would have conversations with the teacher at the start, and then we would learn and review words based on this conversation."

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Mia Testimony for LTL
United Kingdom

I first studied with LTL in 2012, in Beijing. My aunt’s friend is a travel agent and I found LTL through her.

Mia and friends after class.

Mia and friends after class.

I enjoyed my time at LTL, but I was eager to try out a different city this time around. I’ve heard good things about Shanghai. When I arrived in Shanghai everything was smooth and easy, within two days I already knew where things were, and who to ask.

I stayed in a homestay, the location was very convenient and my homestay mother was a very nice person. It was a very welcoming, and friendly atmosphere and I was told to just relax and feel at home. They were always willing to help me out with anything.

Beijing duck dinner

Beijing duck dinner

My classes were great. I loved how I would have conversations with the teacher at the start, and then we would learn and review words based on this conversation. All in all I had four different teachers and they were all great. The more you get to know them the easier the learning becomes. With 1 on 1 classes you really get to know your teachers which makes learning easier. I really learned a lot during my time at LTL.

Overall I had a great time at LTL, the social life was amazing, I always felt welcome, and Shanghai is just an amazing city.

Kennedy Testimony for LTL
United States

"I had the Intensive Individual classes. I had really good teachers. Everyone was very patient and accommodated my learning. I want to come back to China to study"

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Kennedy Testimony for LTL
United States

I originally studied in Beijing, but have been there for 3 times already, so I wanted to go to a different place. I haven’t been so much to Shanghai and I heard it’s an interesting place so I wanted to try it out. LTL could offer Individual classes, as well a flexible schedule and a Homestay, which were all important to me.


I signed up for the “Discover Shanghai” upgrade, which was nice, especially if it’s your first time in Shanghai. We went to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Xintiandi, Nanjing East Road Shopping Area, The Yu Gardens, The City God Temple and The Bund.

Before coming to China I didn’t like Chinese food, so I was nervous that I might not like the food of the Homestay family, but I found it was actually delicious. Best Chinese food I ever had!

I had the Intensive Individual classes. I had really good teachers. Everyone was very patient and accommodated my learning.

I want to come back to China to study even more Chinese, and maybe do an internship. We’ll see.

Stuart Testimony for LTL

"My teacher was amazing, we really clicked! I had the 1 on 1 program which was organised really well. My teacher also hung out with us after class"

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Stuart Testimony for LTL

My name is Stuart, I’m from Australia but my parents are from South Korea. I studied medicine in university, and wanted to go with my friends to China to do a Chinese study program Chinese. While Googling for places to study, the LTL website popped up. Me and my friends decided to search up a bit more, and found that LTL had like a lot of reviews! One amazing review site listed some 25 reviews with really high ratings. I then called up the school and talked with the school director, and I was really impressed. The guy seems like he really knew his stuff, not to mention he also sounded very interested in helping me learn Mandarin, regardless of coming to this school or not. That’s always a good feeling : )

Stuart on a day trip to Nanxiang water town

Stuart on a day trip to Nanxiang water town

When I arrived to Shanghai, after organising the program with LTL, we started classes and they were really great! My teacher was amazing, we really clicked! We were having an Individual 1 on 1 program, which was organised really well, and my teacher also hung out with us after class, so it was really easy to make friends with her. The environment of the school was really great. We had a lot of fun LTL dinners, and the social presence of the school director really rocks! The atmosphere was very casual, which felt very welcoming, and I enjoyed hanging out and talking with the staff after and in-between classes.

I can say that originally I didn’t want to go to Shanghai due to the higher costs of living and the high foreign population, and I was a bit unsatisfied about this until I came anyway. Shanghai didn’t win me over, LTL did!

I definitely want to come back and study again at LTL if I’m able to, or at the least, will definitely visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I have my Chinese lessons?

All your lessons will take place at our Chinese School in downtown Shanghai. The area is in the heart of Shanghai located right near the South Shaanxi Road Metro stop in Shanghai.

How do you prepare the right plan for me?

The assessment with our Director of Studies before your Mandarin course in China starts is important. We’ll be able to gauge your level of Chinese and work out a plan for you. We’ll also listen to you and what you aims and goals are. We discuss your plan with you and assign you the perfect teachers. This allows us to create an ideal Mandarin study plan so you get the most out of LTL when you come and study Chinese in China.

I’m not sure if I want group or individual classes?

Group classes are general for students who are at a beginner or intermediate level. If your Chinese is of a higher level we’d put you straight into a 1 on 1 class. Individual courses are also ideal for people who want their Mandarin to increase fast.

How about Chinese Holidays? Do I lose classes?

You will never lose a class at LTL. If there is ever a holiday these classes will be made or or another teacher will step in to take over your lessons. These details can be discussed if need be.

How can I enhance my Chinese outside of class?

Immersing yourself is very much down to the individual. There are a number of things we recommend to speed up your Chinese further. A homestay with a Shanghai family is probably the main thing we’d suggest. This is a great way to implement your Mandarin outside of class. We offer some great homestay families and 80% of our students actually use a Shanghai Homestay as their choice of accommodation. You can also check out our Chinese Immersion Programs for more details on Immersion and speedy Chinese progress.

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