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North Korea Marathon with LTL

North Korea Marathon with LTL

Visit North Korea, run (or watch) the very first amateur marathon in the country, and see yourself what the last real communist country on this planet is like. We leave Saturday at lunch time get into Pyoenyang after a bit more than an hour flight. After visiting the “Arch of Triumph” we check into North Korea’s main international hotel, the Yanggakdo.

North Korea LTL School TripSunday morning students will run or watch North Korea’s first amateur marathon. Everyone can choose to either run a whole marathon, a half marathon or just watch the whole event and cheer for your fellow LTL students. Aferwards we visit the Juche tower, drive a bit through the town and then go to a local bowling alley. For the adventurous, there is a shooting range next door where you can try out your sharp shooting skills with some of the off duty soldiers who hang around there after work. Then we are off for dinner and some real North Korean nightlife with plenty of beer and local spirits.

On Monday we will do a city tour, visit the Korean War Museum, take a ride on the Pyoenyang metro and visit the Kaeson youth funfair. In the evening it is back to the hotel and after dinner we will head to the hotel’s karaoke bar and practice our revolutionary singing skills.

Arrival Beijing: Tuesday 10 am


Saturday – Monday: 1,040 Euro (10% discount for LTL students)

Saturday – Tuesday 1,140 Euro (10% disount for LTL students)

Includes: flight, hotel, food, transport, local guide, marathon participation and all entry fees

To sign up, please talk to Annie at reception or email

Please also visit also the website of our partner organizer, Koryo Tours for further details regarding travel to North Korea.



This event has now taken place. To hear all about the North Korean marathon 2014, read our great article from LTL student and half marathon runner Karim.