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Meet the team

A few of the LTL team members introduce themselves. With a total of 30 staff members, LTL has a very family style environment, where staff, teachers and students eat lunch together at the school and often meet for dinner or drinks after school.


Gloria Hao, Director of Studies

Gloria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Harbin Normal University. She taught Chinese for 9 years and believes the most important thing for learning Chinese is communication with Chinese people. After learning the vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures in the course, you need to create opportunities to practice and use them .

                                               “Genius is 99% effort +1% talent, learning Chinese is also same!”

Jia Hui, Immersion Specialist

Hui earned her Bachelor degree in Linguistics and English at Peking University (北大). She loves art and travelling and is herself a passionate portrait painter. She believes that an immersion program creates a pure language environment for students where they are able to develop their listening and speaking skills more rapidly.

“I like working at LTL because it is a place that is always full of laughter and happy faces which makes my job a lot of fun. I think interacting with locals helps students build a more functional vocabulary for daily use. I like to help students to learn about Chinese culture, understand China better and enjoy the experience of studying here.”

LTL ChineseAndreas Laimboeck, School Director

Andreas, originally from Austria, first came to China in 1999 on a university exchange program, where he fell in love with China, its people, culture and language. He afterwards studied Mandarin in Beijing and London and has lived in mainly in Beijing since 2002. Before founding LTL he worked as Sales Director Greater China for Sirona (Siemens Dental) in Beijing.

“Learning Chinese was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. It was also one of the best times of my life and discovering this country through first studying and then working here was – and is – an amazing experience. I enjoy helping other to explore China, to learn Mandarin, and at the same time help them to avoid some of the mistakes I made. I like working at LTL because the school is full of life and it is great to be surrounded by so many other people who are as passionate about China as I am.”

student advisor ltl mandarin schoolAlexander Krasnov, Student Advisor

Alex is an Israeli national who has been learning Chinese since 2005 and enjoys learning new languages in his free time.  In addition to Mandarin, he also speaks Korean, German, Italian, Hebrew and Russian. Alex graduated with an M.A. in East Asian Studies from Tel Aviv University. He is an avid fan of language learning and enjoys helping other people learn Chinese, while getting to know the fun areas of Beijing.

“One of the great things about LTL is that you make connections with students that are more than just student-student advisor relations, but also those of friends that enjoy their time together.

Spotlight on our teachers

A few of our teachers explain why they enjoy sharing the Chinese language.

AngelaAngela Sun

Angela has been teaching Chinese since 2007. In the past seven years, she has worked in general programs, business programs and HSK programs, teaching the Chinese language and culture to students from both English and Asian speaking countries. As a result, she got to know well the common problems of these students and how to adapt her teaching to achieve the best results.

“I’m passionate about my work and also communicating with others with talent for writing. I like Chinese traditional culture and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with friends and my students. “Better life better Chinese!” Learning Chinese is a big challenge but it also opens a new world.”

JacqueliChinese Language ne Yu

Jacqueline is from Yantai (烟台) in Shandong Province (山东) and earned her Masters degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the University of Nanjing. After work she likes to relax, either by exercising or reading a good book.

“I love languages and I especially love my mother tongue, Mandarin. Learning foreign languages helped me to understand different cultures and people and I want to help my students to understand China through its language.”

felixFelix Feng

Felix earned a Bachelor’s degree from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). He believes that everyone should learn to speak Chinese. It may seem popular to learn for the future, however it takes a long time to get fluency.

“I am enthusiastic, open minded and very patient teacher during class time and have six and half years experience. Outside of teaching, I like sports and reading.”

emmaEmma Chen

Emma earned her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the Communications University of China (CUC). Here she shares her feeling about teaching Mandarin:

“I love it when people are learning Chinese and they try to read, talk, build sentences and try to write in Chinese. You can see they are really focused on learning. I really love the feeling that it gives me. It makes me really enjoy teaching Chinese.”