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Social Life & Fun at LTL Shanghai

LTL Student Dinners

From Shanghai’s famous Little Dragon Dumplings, spicy Sichuan to international cuisine, we have weekly student dinners together, often followed by drinks in our local regular, the Pirate Bar. Dinners are a great way to try different kinds of food and get to know to the other students at the school.

  • A new restaurant every week
  • Meet the rest of the LTL family
  • Student friendly drink and food prices

Shanghai Nighlife

With the school being located in downtown Shanghai, just around the corner from Yongkang Lu – Shanghai’s main bar street – , we often go for drinks after school during the week and for a long night on Fridays.  In an international city like Shanghai, where everyone seems to somehow be new or has just arrived it is easy to meet new people and make friends.

  • Less than two minutes walking time to Yongkang Lu
  • Drink specials for LTL students at our regular bar
  • Experience the glittery world of Shanghai nightlife with us

Explore Shanghai together

Let us be your guide and show you Shanghai. We take you to it’s world famous sights, but also the small little places we love here that you will not find in any guidebook – and after all it is just more fun to explore the city with friends.

  • Have a cup of tea at the Bund overlooking Shanghai’s famous skyline 
  • Explore old colonial Shanghai together
  • Visit the old Chinese town and gardens

LTL Weekend Trips

Shanghai is surrounded by historic sights and great cities. We organize regular weekend trips to take you to the best places in the area.

  • Visit China’s old capital Nanjing
  • Visit China’s even older capital Hangzhou (that is where Marco Polo went)
  • Explore the old water towns around Shanghai

The LTL Family

Study and explore together

shangandrewltlTeachers and students usually go for lunch together and you will meet a lot of LTL staff and teachers at our school events, dinners and trips. After class many students stay at the school doing homework or just chatting. The school it is a very easy environment to meet people and make friends. At the same time the LTL team is there to support you 24/7 whenever you might have a problem.

Note: LTL offers free coffee, tea and soft drinks all day and after 5pm, free beer at the school.

Fun Outside the Classroom

Experiencing new cultures @LTL Shanghai

ltl shanghai student andrew

Hangouts at LTL are unique and diverse. We got to see different parts of the city, various restaurants and many different nightlife venues.

Wednesdays we all go for dinner. We have been to Shanghainese, Sichuanese, American, Indian and various other restaurants from all over the world.

I especially remember the time we went to a North Korean restaurant, which was a really new and cool experience. We ate North Korean food, watched traditional and modern North Korean performances on stage, and even had a chance to try some North Korean beer. The whole experience was really interesting, because it was a unique glimpse into a type of culture you wouldn’t normally see.”

Andrew, San Francisco

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Weekly Schedule

A week @LTL Beijing

08:00 New Student Breakfast
12:00 Welcome Lunch
18:30 International Language corner
18:30 School Dinner & Drinks
20:00 LTL Friday night drinks
11:00 Visit to Suzhou (day trip)

Out Student's Favourite Trips

When Marco Polo first visited Hangzhou he wrote that it was “great than any in the world”, which wasn’t surprising as in the 13th century it was indeed the world’s largest city and capital of an empire reaching from Central Asia to Taiwan. The city became China’s capital in 1132 and remained so until the Mongol invasion in 1276. Only about an hour by train from Shanghai, the city is famous for it’s beautiful west lake, poets, philosophers and smelly tofu.

A great day trip from Shanghai, we leave on Saturday morning and you can choose to either come back with us in the evening or spend Saturday night exploring this both ancient and today very modern city. The cost of the day trip is about 30 USD, including train tickets and guide.

Nanjing first became the capital of China in 317 BC, a position it lost and re-gained numerous times over the last 1700 years. We start the first day with a walk along Nanjing city walls and then visit the impressive Ming Tombs, the ancient burial place of China’s emperors before the Mongol invasion. Afterwards we take in the city view from Zifeng Tower (the world’s 13th highest building) before heading for dinner in the old town.
The second day we visit the Nanjing Massacre Museum, a monument memorizing the atrocities of the 2nd world war and then the John Rabe house to see how the courage of the international community saved hundreds of millions of lives during that period. We finish the day with a visit to the impressive City Museum and take the 1.5 hour high speed train to Shanghai in the evening.

Cost is approx. 100 USD including train, hotel and guide.

Suzhou’s gardens and canals are an unforgettable experience and a must for every China visitor. Less than an hour by high speed train from Shanghai, Suzhou is a UNESCO world heritage site and today probably China’s most beautiful city. We spend a day discovering it’s numerous temples, parks and gardens, learn about the city’s colorful history and have an amazing lunch at our favorite local restaurant.

Cost is about 30 USD for the one day trip, including transport by high speed train and guide for the day.

Meet the Shanghai Team

  • Sarah - Student Advisor - Meet the Shanghai Team Sarah - Student Advisor
  • Alex - School Manager - Meet the Shanghai Team Alex - School Manager
  • Fulala – Student Support - Meet the Shanghai Team Fulala – Student Support