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Social Life & Fun at LTL Beijing

LTL Student Dinners LTL Student Dinners

LTL Student Dinners

From Roast Mongolian Lamb, the famous Peking Duck to Beijing’s speciality of Hot Pot, at the weekly Student dinners you get to know the rest of the LTL family.

  • Alternating cuisines – try it all!
  • Make new friends
  • Guaranteed cheap and cheerful fun
LTL Nights Out LTL Nights Out

Nights Out

LTL nights out have become a thing of legend. Explore the best of Beijing nightlife with our students and interns at both LTL and student organised events.

  • Show off your singing skills at KTV
  • Delve into Sanlitun’s Bar Street
  • Experience local culture with Baijiu tasting
LTL Sightseeing LTL Sightseeing

LTL Sightseeing

LTL not only organise free trips to the best of Beijing’s tourist locations, but also to the unknown gems off the beaten track and out of the guidebook. Here are a few examples…

  • Visit the famous Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square
  • Hunt some bargains in Beijing’s antique market Panjiayuan
  • Explore the funky 798 Art District
LTL Weekend Trips LTL Weekend Trips

LTL Weekend Trips

There’s culture and history pouring out of China. Explore the country with the LTL team and your classmates together.

  • Climb a wild section of the Great Wall
  • Visit Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors
  • Weekend trips to Shanghai, Nanjing or Tsingtao

The LTL Family

Making friends made easy

LTL FamilyLTL is much more than just a school. We want to be your home away from home, not just somewhere you can quickly make friends and have access to support , but also a place to just hang around after class to do your homework, chat or have a drink.

Outside of school, LTL’s WeChat group (China’s version of Whatsapp) acts as a social hub, allowing new students and interns to connect with our staff, past students and existing students at anytime. Want to know the best Peking Duck restaurant in town, just ask in the group! All of our social events are posted here and it’s a great place to chat to new friends and post pictures of school life.

Most importantly, LTL offer 24hr support to all of our students and interns. We are only ever a phonecall away! No problem is too great or too small, we will always do our best to help members of the LTL family.

Note: LTL offers free coffee, tea and soft drinks and after 5pm free beer at the school all week and all school activities are free of charge for students.

Fun Outside the Classroom

A Friday night for me @LTL Beijing


Nights out in Beijing are like no other. From learning ancient Chinese drinking games and corny pick-up lines to attempting to down the notorious Baijiu, Beijing night life is not one soon to be forgotten.

At LTL our Friday nights usually being at Smugglers, a local pub styled bar that attracts local Beijingers and foreigners alike. There we indulge in some cheap beer, over-the-top shots (my favourite being the Pink Angel) and playing 掷骰子 (a Chinese dice game). Then we meander our way over to the Worker Stadium Clubs, where the night really begins…

Marc, New York

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Weekly Schedule

A week @LTL Beijing

08:00 New Student Breakfast
12:00 Welcome Lunch
18:30 Baijiu Tasting
18:30 School Dinner
20:00 LTL Friday Night Drinks
11:00 Summer Palace (day trip)

Out Student's Favourite Trips

Far away from the tourist crowds we spend a weekend exploring the untouched Great Wall – also called the “Wild Wall”. About two hours North of Beijing, on Saturday we do one of the most amazing hikes China has to offer, along the Wild Wall up to the Old Tower. In the evening we have dinner on the Chen family’s farm followed by drinks around the camp fire. On Sunday we rise early to visit another untouched section of the wall and see the sun rise.

For most students visiting Beijing, this is the most memorable experience of their trip and participation is highly recommended. The cost is approx. 60 USD, including all food, drinks, transport, accommodation, tickets and guide for two days.

Xi’an not only became the capital of China more than 3000 years ago but also has, in our opinion, the world’s best noodle soup. On Saturday we start with visiting its most famous historical treasure: The Terracotta Army of China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The evening is spent sampling the food (try the noodle soup!) in the old Muslim Quarter next to the Drum Tower and exploring the city’s night life. On Sunday morning we cycle along the well preserved 13th century city walls and in the afternoon visit the old town and the 1500 year old Great Wild Goose Pagoda.

filter_hdr Learn more about our Xi’an Trip

LTL Trip to Xian

Only 5 hours by train from Beijing, Qingdao is not only famous for its beer – Tsingtao Beer -, but also its quaint colonial old town, long sandy beaches and sea food. We spend the first day visiting the old town and the Tsingtao Beer brewery followed by a big sea food dinner and plenty of fresh locally brewed beer. Afterwards we explore the local nightlife, which usually involves pub crawling down bar street, a club or karaoke.

The second day we head down to the beach to relax, top up our sun-tans, eat more sea food and maybe have another Tsingtao as well.

The cost is approx. 150 USD, including transport by high speed train, hotel and guide for the whole weekend.

LTL Trip to Qingdao

Meet the Beijing Team

  • Sofia 苏菲娅 – Student Advisor
  • Andreas 周浩辰 – School Director
  • Sarah 张娜娜 – Student Support - Meet the Beijing Team Sarah 张娜娜 – Student Support