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Apartment offers in Beijing


  • Single room
  • Convenient location
  • Share with other students & local residents
  • En-suite or shared bathroom
  • Many restaurants and shops close by

Whether after a homestay or for your entire stay, LTL also provides the option of a shared apartment.  Depending on preference and availability, the apartment may be shared with other foreign students or local residents. Apartments are conveniently located for traveling to the school (four subway stops) and offer the opportunity to make new friends in Beijing.

All shared apartment rooms are single rooms offering some privacy in one of the most populous cities in the world. The rooms have a desk to study at outside of school and are well heated in the winter and are all equipped with air conditioning for the summer. For most students we would recommend the large room option, where you have your own private bathroom and  a very spacious room. Students eat at one of the main restaurants or the university canteen nearby, where a meal usually costs about 10 CNY (1.2 USD).

A five minute walk from the next subway station, there is a supermarket in the complex and an abundance of food options including many student friendly restaurants in the area and the two university cafeterias.


  • CBD Room, with shared bathroom and kitchen
  • Large Room, with bay windows and private bathroom
  • Small Room, with shared bathroom
  • Economy Room, no window and shared bathroom

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Large Room China Media University

Share an apartment with local and international students in an apartment next to the China Media University. Apartments are four subway stops or about 30 minute travel time away from the LTL campus, located in the Central Business District. The cost per subway ride is 2 RMB (approx. 0.3 USD). The best room in the apartment, it includes an en-suite bathroom, large bay window in a very spacious room.

Small RoomSmall Room China Media University

A small room with window in a shared apartment next to the China Media University is great value, flexible in duration, local student quality and one of the most affordable accommodation options available in Beijing. The bathroom is shared with up to six other people, usually other international and Chinese students.


Visit our gallery to view more pictures of our apartment accommodation options

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Daveline and friend

I am staying in a small room (shared bathroom), in an apartment shared with four local Chinese and another LTL student. The apartment is clean, it takes me about half an hour to get to the school and I really like that the heating is very good during winter. There is a supermarket downstairs from the flat and for someone looking for a clean and basic place that offers flexible arrival/departure dates at a very attractive price in Beijing, I think there is no better choice.

– Daveline, Switzerland

Chinese Apartment BeijingI was very happy with my large room in the shared apartment. The room is very spacious, the bathroom clean and the internet worked well. There is a very convenient supermarket just downstairs from the building, with a small bakery which made shopping for groceries easy. I found the quality of the accommodation very good compared to other similarly priced options in Beijing.

– Greta, Germany

Marine from France talks about living in a shared apartment
Marine studied four weeks of individual Chinese classes at LTL and did a three months internship in Beijing, while living in a small room in a shared apartment.


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Prices are listed for a sample selection of apartment durations. You can download prices for all durations here.

Prices in Chinese Yuan (CNY) Type 2 3 4 8 12 Extra
Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Week
Shared Apartment
Small Room 2,643 2,970 3,696 7,392 11,088 924
Large Room 4,324 4,851 5,544 11,088 16,632 1,386

View our prices (subject to changes in the exchange rate) in the following currencies: USD, GBP, AUD and EUR

Shared apartments are furnished with a single bedroom per person and include internet and all bills. CBD rooms are located in the Central Business District, two subway stops away from the school. All other shared apartments are located next to the China University of Communications, four subway stops away from the school. For China University of Communication shared apartments, there is a extra charge if you want to use the air conditioning (300 RMB for small room/ 400 RMB for large room), for all other accommodation options air-conditioning is already included. Air conditioning is only really needed over the 3 hottest summer months (June, July and August). Prices above are for Sunday arrival and Saturday departure. If you need different arrival/departure dates, this can be arranged please contact us for details.

Visas: As an accredited and recognized Chinese language school, LTL  is authorized to invite students to China for their course. Different visa fees and processes apply for each country, so please contact us for details.

Have a look at the LTL Mandarin School Sign Up Guide  for details on how to book a course.

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What is the difference between the Small Room and the Large Room?

The large room is very spacious, has a private bathroom, big bay window and always comes with a double bed.

The small room has a normal size window, single or double bed and the bathroom is shared. All rooms come with central heating in the winter and the option to switch on the air-con in the summer.

Are the Shared Apartments located close to the school?

The shared apartments are right next to the subway (Chinese Media and Communication University on the Batong Line). From there it is four stops to the school. Usually it takes about 30 minutes to get to the school.

What if I have a problem in the apartments? Whom do I call?

The Shared Apartment are managed by a Chinese couple who live in the complex themselves. You will meet them when you first move into your room and their contact information is in the pre-arrival information you will receive from LTL before you start your course. If you have any questions the best thing is to talk to them directly as they can help you to fix things immediately. If you need further help, speak to your student advisor at LTL and we will speak to them for you.

Is it possible to stay extra nights in the apartment if I arrive earlier than Sunday or depart later than Saturday?

It is no problem to arrive a few days earlier or leave later, talk to your student advisor to book the room for that extra period. Based on our experience, we do recommend students to arrive on the Sunday before their course starts though.

How many roommates will I have? Are they Chinese/foreigners/LTL students?

There are usually three small and one large rooms in each apartment. You will live together with either locals or other LTL students. Most local Chinese who live in the apartments are students at the Chinese Media and Communication University next door.

Is the Shared Apartment a good way to immerse yourself in Chinese, talking to my roommates?

It all depends on how outgoing you are and how you get on with your flatmates. However, in our experience Chinese students tend to not interact that much with people they share an apartment with. If you are looking to make Chinese friends, practice your Mandarin and be immersed into a Chinese language environment, a homestay might be more suitable. A connection kit would also help.

What if I wish to cook my own meals? Is there a kitchen?

In China eating out is very cheap, which is why even university students do not cook at home. Students usually eat in the university cafeteria next door or eat at one of the many restaurants next to the complex. A tasty local meal will cost anything between one and three USD, while cooking Chinese food is often a very smelly and messy affaire, while cooking western food can be very expensive as the ingredients have to be imported. So while all apartments have a kitchen, people are not supposed to use them for cooking to avoid smell and hygiene problems.

Is there WiFi, central heating, an air conditioner and washing machine?

All rooms have central heating and free WiFi. Please note that the internet in China can be slower than what you might be used to from home. If you want to use the air-con, there is an additional 400CNY/month charge. All rooms have access to a washing machine which you can use free of charge.

What if I don’t like my room/apartment/roommates? Can I change a room?

While this rarely happens, if you really do not like your apartment, you can change it. Let LTL know and as soon as another room is available you can move.

Are there bed sheets/towels? Does someone clean the apartment before I move in/ on a regular basis?

Bed sheets are provided and the apartments are cleaned before you move there, however please keep in mind that these apartments are mainly for local Chinese students – it is not a five star hotel. Towels you can buy cheaply in the supermarket in the compound after you arrived in Beijing.

What if I cannot talk to the landlord? Will the LTL staff help me?

Like everywhere in China, the landlady and most of your flatmates will speak very little English. If you need help with translations, the LTL team can of course help you.

Are there other facilities around the Shared Apartments, like a supermarket or restaurants?

The area is very convenient for both shopping and eating. There is a supermarket in the apartment complex and plenty of shops and restaurants in the area. You will receive some tips on what to do in the area from LTL with your pre-arrival information.

How do I get to the school on the first day?

On the first day you can either travel with other LTL students together to the school or take the subway to the school yourself. You will receive a description of how to get to the school and map with your pre-arrival information.

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Other Options


  • Carefully selected and matched homestays
  • Close to the school
  • Modern Apartments
  • Half board and full board options

LTL homestay families are carefully selected in order to give students a warm and welcoming experience. Homestay families will actively encourage you to speak Chinese and you will find yourself learning lots both in the classroom and at home. Living with a homestay family will push you to speak Chinese whilst also gaining valuable insights into Chinese more

Live & Teach Homestays

  • Carefully selected families
  • Match homestays based on your preferences
  • Eat with your host family
  • Conveniently located
  • Cultural Exchange and language exchange

With our Live & Teach option you get a discount on homestay accommodation for helping teach the host family’s children conversational English, while they in turn encourage you to speak Chinese. This is a great opportunity for cultural exchange as both you and your family can learn together. read more

serviced apartment

Serviced Apartments

  • Full privacy
  • Your own bathroom and kitchen
  • 25 minute walk to school or 10 minute bus ride
  • Restaurants, shops and ATM close by
  • Weekly cleaning service

Flexible and offering full privacy and independence, the serviced apartments are a great choice for anyone who want their own space to study and relax after class. While you have your own kitchen and two supermarkets downstairs, there are plenty of restaurants, a billiard club and other amenities in the area and the school is within walking more

Have a look at the LTL Mandarin School Sign Up Guide  for details on how to book a course.

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If you need to speak to us urgently, you can always give us a call on +86 10 5100 1269  for Beijing, or +86 21 3368 0866 for Shanghai, between 8.30am and 6.30pm local Beijing/Shanghai time.

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