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Traveling to China – Learn Chinese in Beijing

Chinese Programs

Small Group Chinese ClassMandarin Group Classes

  • Small Groups (max. 6 people)
  • Certified Teachers
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Modern Classrooms
  • Monthly Start Dates

Group Classes are perfect for beginners who would like to immerse themselves in Chinese language full-time while studying Chinese together with other students and making new friends. We keep our classes small to make sure every student still gets individual interaction with our teachers and can really improve their Chinese quickly. For those students interested in intensive Chinese study we also offer a combination of Chinese group classes and individual classes in Beijing. read more


individual chinese classes at LTL Mandarin school

Mandarin Individual Classes

  • Personalized curriculum
  • Certified Teachers
  • Weekly Start dates
  • 1 on 1 tuition

Individual Classes are a great choice for full-time Mandarin learners of all levels and allow you to quickly learn Chinese with intensive individual attention. The Chinese individual class curriculum is personalized to each student depending on your aims with studying more


experience China with LTL Mandarin schoolChinese Immersion Program

  • Total Chinese Immersion Program
  • The program’s first part is in Beijing
  • Second part is in Chengde, China’s ancient summer capital, two hours outside of Beijing
  • Chengde means history, traditional life, nature, mountains, little traffic and speaking Mandarin 24/7
  • Certified teachers, quick progress
  • Focus on spoken Mandarin
  • Choose from individual and small group classes

The LTL Chinese Immersion Program combines intensive Chinese group or individual study in Beijing with an immersion program in China’s ancient imperial summer capital: Chengde. This is perfect for any full-time student looking to make rapid progress with their Chinese and is a great way to see China. You get the best of both worlds; the hustle and bustle of Beijing with the provincial quiet(er) life in the more traditional Chengde, while learning Chinese and rapidly improving your Mandarin speaking more

Study Mandarin on the Great Wall of ChinaChinese Summer Program

  • Learn Mandarin on the famous Great Wall
  • Unique opportunity to enhance your Chinese
  • Full immersion in an old Chinese village
  • 3 meals provided everyday
  • Certified and professional teachers
  • Limited number of spaces available
  • Starting from Summer 2018

The LTL Chinese Summer Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Chinese on one of the most famous landmarks in the World. Explore China and learn Mandarin at the same time with our Summer Program. Food and class material is all included in the final price and the Summer course starts from July 1st 2018. Spaces are limited to don’t miss this incredible more

HSK Chinese classHSK Classes

  • Taught by certified HSK examiners and experienced HSK teachers
  • 1-on-1 intensive HSK exam preparation
  • Can be combined with general Chinese courses, homestays, and the Two City Combo
  • Monthly HSK exams in Beijing

Get to the next HSK level with our special HSK exam programs. Taught by certified HSK examiners and experienced HSK teachers, your HSK course is individually designed for you, to work on your weaknesses, improve your strengths and get you to that next HSK level as fast as possible. read more


Chinese Heritage SpeakersGeraldine from Singapore

  • Specialized programs for Chinese heritage speakers
  • Focused on students from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, “BBCs”, “ABCs”, and other Overseas Chinese
  • Certified teachers for teaching Chinese to Chinese heritage speakers

Students who grew up speaking a Chinese dialect at home, studied Mandarin intensively at school or were exposed to Mandarin from early life onwards learn Mandarin Chinese in a different way to learners who start to learn Mandarin only as an adult. Study Chinese in Beijing with a program specially tailored for Chinese Heritage Speakers. read more


Gap Year in China

  • 4 exciting gap year programs to choose from
  • Varying from 4 months to a full 12 months
  • Opportunities to earn money teaching in China
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese full-time or part-time
  • Visit multiple cities
  • Flexible start dates

China is the perfect place to spend your Gap Year. Not only is China full of history and culture, it’s full of opportunities. You can gain work experience in the field of your choice, earn some money teaching English in different parts of China and study intensive Mandarin to give your CV a great boost for the future. All of our Gap Year programs can be upgraded with Chinese language and culture classes so you get the full experience during your time here. read more



  • Be part of a Chinese family
  • Carefully selected and matched homestays
  • Close to the school
  • Modern apartments
  • Half board and full board options
  • You will probably end up joining family weddings, hike the Great Wall together, and miss the food for the rest of your life.

LTL homestay families are carefully selected in order to give students a warm and welcoming experience. Homestay families will actively encourage you to speak Chinese and you will find yourself learning Mandarin both in the classroom and at home. Living with a Chinese homestay family will push you to speak Chinese whilst also gaining valuable insights into Chinese life. Learn Chinese, speak Chinese, and truly Live the Language. read more

Live & Teach Homestays

  • Carefully selected families in Beijing
  • Match homestays based on your preferences
  • Eat with your Chinese host family
  • Conveniently located
  • Cultural Exchange and language exchange

With our Live & Teach option you get a discount on homestay accommodation for helping teach the host family’s children conversational English, while they in turn encourage you to speak Chinese. This is a great opportunity for cultural exchange as both you and your family can learn together. Study Chinese in Beijing while living with a Chinese family, all at a very affordable price. read more


Shared Apartments

  • Choose between large and small rooms
  • Share with other people studying or working in Beijing
  • Each room has a study area
  • Option for en-suite

Conveniently located and economical, LTL shared apartments are a great way to live in Beijing. Every student gets their own private space where they can study and do homework without disruption after class. Sharing with other people is a great way to make long lasting friendships from the beginning of your stay and learn about China’s more


Serviced Apartments

  • Full privacy
  • Your own bathroom and kitchen
  • 25 minute walk to school or 10 minute bus ride
  • Restaurants, shops and ATM close by
  • Weekly cleaning service

Flexible and offering full privacy and independence, the serviced apartments are a great choice for anyone who want their own space to study and relax after class. While you have your own kitchen and two supermarkets downstairs, there are plenty of restaurants, a billiard club and other amenities in the area and the school is within walking more

Semester Programs

Semester Programs

  • Certified teachers
  • Intensive small group classes in Beijing
  • Academic curriculum
  • Modern classrooms

Study Chinese in Beijing full-time for one or two full university semesters with LTL where we guarantee small group classes and qualified teachers. Much like a university semester classes will cover Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing over a variety of topics but with small classes so everyone can benefit from the teachers attention. This is a great option for those aiming at academic fluency and looking to study Chinese intensively.Read more


Survival Kits

  • Standard and luxury options
  • Transport card, map and bike to help you get around
  • Bank and visa support
  • 24/7 hotline in case of emergency

Looking back on our own experiences when we decided to study in China for the first time, we realized that a Mandarin course is not complete without a support system. The LTL Mandarin School Survival Kits provide a collection of items and services designed to make your intensive Chinese study in Beijing and life in China a little less more

Connection Kit

  • Student Ambassador
  • Language Exchange partner
  • Local support and guidance

Meeting new people is the best way to adjust to living in a foreign country. At LTL we believe that forming friendships with local Chinese is one of the highlights of any study experience. Let us help you to overcome the cultural barriers with the LTL Connection Kit. Before you arrive we will match you with two people: your personal Beijing Student Ambassador and a Chinese Language Exchange Partner. Learn Chinese in Beijing through Chinese friends and lean what it is like to live in the capital of the world’s second largest more

Life in China

  • Helpful everyday knowledge
  • Know what to expect!
  • Our hints and tips

All LTL student advisors have lived in China for many years, but still remember very clearly how it felt to first arrive here in Beijing, with no language skills in a fascinating but also very alien country. If you have any questions regarding Chinese life, culture, customs and how to adapt to them as a 外国人 (foreigner), just ask. For a brief overview of some things please follow the links below!


Social Life at LTL

Social Life at LTLStudents enjoying lunch together at LTL Mandarin School in Beijing

  • Meet other students from all over the world
  • Great student community
  • School dinners, karaoke, drinks and many other activities
  • Climb the Great Wall together
  • Spend traditional Chinese Holidays with other students and LTL

Community is very important for us at LTL. Our students come from all over the world, with a very wide variety of backgrounds, language abilities and China experience but are all united in their passion for learning Chinese and discovering China’s culture. We study together, meet for dinners, join for drinks, explore China’s capital and hope to meet many friends along the way. Learning Chinese can be more fun than a holiday. Join one of China’s most international and fun communities while learning Mandarin in Beijing. read more


Contact LTL

If you have any questions regarding our destinations, courses, accommodation or even if you just want to say hello, we are always happy to hear from you. You can contact us using the form below or if you’d prefer, email us directly on Our team will normally be in touch within 24 hrs of receiving your message, although you may have to wait a little longer at weekends.

If you need to speak to us urgently, you can always give us a call on +86 10 5100 1269 between 8.30am and 6.30pm local Beijing/Shanghai time.

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How to Sign Up

Know everything you need to know? Ready for your Chinese adventure? You can sign up online for your language course at LTL by filling out the form on our Sign Up page

If you want to learn about the LTL sign up process, you can download our LTL Sign Up Guide for step by step information.