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Internship in Shanghai

Why Intern in Shanghai?

  • Live in one of the world’s greatest cities
  • Wide choice of internships
  • Discover China with full LTL support
  • Outstanding food, fun and nightlife
  • Meet new friends in the LTL intern community


The Amazing City
During colonial times, Shanghai was known as the “Paris of the East”, a magnificent city where international commerce and arts met Chinese tradition and culture. Since then it has grown to become one of the world’s most vibrant cities, with it’s legendary nightlife, thriving economy and international expatriate community. Shanghai today showcases colonial architecture and ultra-modern skyscrapers. Shanghai Financial district lujiazuiOn your way to work you may walk past some of the world’s tallest buildings, take the famous Shanghai subway – today the world’s longest- or pass old colonial palaces that once represented the power of world empires.

Not much needs to be said about the city’s nightlife but a typical Shanghai night might start with dinner in a small Chinese restaurant and finish dancing with a view of what is probably the world’s most impressive skyline, in between pretty much anything could happen.

Great for Explorers

Not only is Shanghai itself an incredible place to visit but it’s a great base from which to explore the rest of China. The city’s location on China’s famous east coast is just a 5 hour train ride from the capital of Beijing with all the ancient history you could wish to delve into and of course, the Great Wall. You can also reach the city of Hangzhou, a beautiful artistic and cultural hub known as the ‘south terminal of the Grand Canal’ in little over an hour. Suzhou, a ‘water city’ famed for its canals, bridges and classical gardens is a mere 30 minute train ride away and if you’re willing to go that little bit further, Taipei, the capital of Taiwan is only a 1 hr 40min flight away and air tickets can be purchased for around 1,200 CNY return.

Internships in Shanghai are Impressive

Suzhou's beautiful canals are only a 30min train ride away.

Suzhou’s beautiful canals are only a 30min train ride away.

Today any ambitious international company has a presence in Shanghai and it is a great choice for an internship in China. You will quickly meet many other international professionals building their careers in this rapidly moving city and work experience in Shanghai is a very strong asset on anyone’s CV.


The range of companies to do your internship with in Shanghai is very wide, from small and dynamic local start-ups to large international conglomerates. Internships can last from one to six months, with a minimum age of 18 and – if you want to – can be combined with a Chinese course at the LTL Mandarin School in downtown Shanghai.  Your internship will be in an English speaking/working environment and Chinese language skills are not required for your work, though they can of course be very helpful during daily life.

With our decade long experience in China, LTL works with a wide variety of companies, offers a very strong intern and support network in Shanghai, will help you with your visa application and support you during your whole internship in Shanghai.

How it Works

You have to make the first move. Send us a message with the dates and industry you would like to intern in China in, let us know a bit more about your background and of course ask any questions you might have. If you already have your CV and motivation letter ready, please also email it to us at If you do not Interview, screening the internship companies through skypehave your CV ready yet, this is not a problem as we will guide you on how to prepare the necessary documents for your application. You will get a reply from your Shanghai internship advisor within less than 24 hours, with more detailed information and answers to your questions. As a next step, your internship advisor will organize a Skype interview with you to discuss what you are looking for, provide advice and you will together decide on the most suitable internship program, accommodation and other options for you. Once you decide you are happy with the program and want to book it and we will start organizing Skype interviews with suitable companies until you found the right work position for you. We then guide you through the contract signing, visa application and preparation process and be your support network during your stay in Shanghai.

Want to read more about our internship in China sign up process, see available internships and watch an intern video? Then visit our Internship in China Homepage.

If you’d like more specific information about our internships in Beijing and would like to speak to an advisor about prices and options, please Contact us


Options and Prices

Option 1: Internship with Accommodation

This consists of…

  • An Internship in an Chinese language or English language environment in Shanghai.

Experience modern China in Shanghai and gain invaluable work experience in one of the world’s most thriving metropolis’. Your LTL student advisor will organize an internship to suit your aspirations and skills. The companies in the LTL network offering internships range from large international corporations to small family run businesses.  A member of our team will speak to you at length about your preferences, organize interviews at various host companies and once an internship has been agreed upon, assist you in your visa application. Internships last from one month in length, up to six months.

  • Accommodation in a small room in a Shared Apartment.

Our shared apartments are located near the center of Shanghai, close to public transport so you can explore the city with ease. Rooms are for single occupancy and have a shared bathroom. Many local, cheap restaurants surround the apartments so there are many food options for you to choose from. The cost of bills and WiFi is included in the price although a small charge may be added in summer for air conditioning.

Upgrades (available at an extra cost)

– Shared Apartment Large Room: Located in the same complex as our ‘shared apartment – small room’, this upgrade will give you more space and a private bathroom. A great option for those not on a budget who like to spend time in their personal space. WiFi and bills included.Internship and accommodation in Shanghai China

– Homestay Family: LTL will place you in a Chinese family home (suited to your specific needs and located close to your internship) where you will be able to discover daily local life in Shanghai and experience some amazing home-cooked local food and local culture. It’s the perfect choice for those wanting to practice their Mandarin and learn what it really means to live a Chinese lifestyle. Breakfast, dinner, WiFi and bills are all included in the price.

Prices for Internship and Accommodation

Intern & Accommodation

All Prices in Chinese Yuan (CNY) Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 Extra
Month Months Months Months Months Months Month
Intern & Small Room Small room, shared bathroom, full services, internship and airport pickup. 13,660 17,020 20,380 23,740 27,100 30,460 3,360

Want a larger room with a private bathroom? Like to experience living and eating with a Chinese family ?

Prices in CNY Accommodation Upgrade Price per month
Large Room / Shared Apt Large room with bay window & private bathroom. + 2,000
Homestay Family Live with a Chinese family. Includes breakfast and dinner. + 4,000

Want to learn Chinese while working? Upgrade your internship with a Chinese language course.

Prices in CNY Chinese Class Upgrade Price per month
Chinese Course 4h of group or 2h of 1-on-1 class at your office/week. + 1,440

*Please note: 1 month = 4 weeks and all of our prices are in CNY

Option 2: Internship Semester

This consists of…

  • One month (4 weeks) of Intensive Chinese Language Study at our school.

Begin your adventure in China with an Intensive Mandarin language course. Different levels are offered, both for complete beginners and for students who’ve already studied some Mandarin. Our classes are in small groups, with a maximum of six students per class, twenty hours per week (four hours a day, Monday to Friday). At the school you’ll make friends with students and interns from all over the globe. The Mandarin you will learn in class will of course be helpful to you when beginning your internship but more importantly, it will be invaluable in your daily life in Shanghai.

  • Continuation Chinese classes during your Internship.

Interns continue to study Chinese throughout their internship, either four hours per week in a small group class at the school or two hours of one-on-one classes, taught at your company or your home.

  • An Internship organized by LTL in an English or Chinese language environment in Shanghai.

This begins the Monday after your intensive Chinese language course at LTL ends. Organised before your arrival, your internship will have been chosen based on your skills and needs and agreed upon by you before the interview process with your host company. Internships as part of the Intern Semester Program can last either four, five or six months.

  • 4 weeks of Accommodation in a Homestay or Shared Apartment

Accommodation is provided for our interns in the semester program during  their one month Mandarin course. If you really wish to understand Chinese culture, there is no better option than living in a Chinese Homestay. Host families are no more than 30 minutes travel from the school, with modern facilities. Both breakfast and dinner are included so prepare for some yummy home-cooked local cuisine.
Shared apartments are just a few subway stops away from the school and are shared with local university students or other international interns and language students. You can choose between a large room with your en-suite bathroom or a small room with a shared bathroom. All our accommodation has free WiFi and bills included.

Assistance will be provided to help you find further accommodation close to your internship location once your 4 weeks of Homestay or Shared Apartment stay is finished. You also have the option of extending your accommodation period with us at LTL and would need to talk to a member of staff regarding this in advance.

Prices for Intern Semester

Intern Semester

Prices in CNY Description 4 5 6 7 Extra
Months Months Months Months Month
Intern Semester Small Room 1st month small room, shared bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 20,904 22,344 24,504 25,944 360
Intern Semester Large Room 1st month large room en-suite bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 23,004 24,444 26,604 28,044 360
Intern Semester Homestay 1st month single room homestay, incl. breakfast & dinner, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 26,576 28,016 30,176 31,616 360

*Please note: 1 month = 4 weeks and all of our prices are in CNY.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? It may be possible for programs can be organized for different lengths of time, with an optional Chinese language course or without accommodation. Please contact us if you have further questions, requirements or for a full quote.


Chinese Classes

LTL Shanghai offers 2 upgrade options for Chinese Classes

1. Intensive Chinese before your Internship begins. 
(4 week course included in the Internship Semester Program)

Study Chinese at our LTL school in Shanghai before your internship begins to ensure you have the basic language skills you need for survival in China, such as navigating public transport, ordering lunch and asking for directions. Although LTL can place you within a company where you’ll be able to work and communicate mostly in English, once outside of work, you’ll find that having a basic understanding of Mandarin will make your day to day life so much easier and more enjoyable.

More Information on Intensive Chinese

Classes take place in classrooms at our school in the center of Shanghai, all of our teachers are university qualified and we offer many different courses to suit every level and budget. Our small group classes are the most budget friendly and also a great way to make new friends. Classes are in a maximum of 6 students and last for 3 hours everyday from Monday to Friday (15hrs total a week). 1-on-1 classes can be added to this (10 hrs a week) and would allow for faster progression without losing out on all the social fun of group class. For those of you who want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible and/or have very specific vocabulary needs, we would recommend taking a 1-on-1 course, available at either 20 or 30 hours per week.

Benefits of taking an Intensive Course

– Gives you survival Chinese from your first day of class in Shanghai, great for when you’re out exploring.

– Get to meet other students and interns at the school from all around the world, an immediate group of friends in the city.

– Gives you a chance to adapt to your new surroundings and enjoy the sights before you begin your internship.


Prices in CNY Upgrade 1 Month*
Small Group Chinese 1 month of small group classes, 20hrs p/wk 7,673
Small Group + Individual 1 month of small group classes, 20hrs p/wk + 1-on-1 classes, 10 hrs p/wk 15,346
Standard Individual 1 month of 1-on-1 classes, 20 hrs p/wk 15,346
Intensive Individual 1 month of 1-on-1 classes, 30 hrs p/wk 23,019

*Please note: 1 month = 4 weeks & all of our prices are in CNY.

2. Part-time Chinese Classes during your Internship. 

(4 hours a week included in the Semester Program)
LTL Shanghai students 2For those of you looking to dive right into your internship upon arrival, you still have the option of studying Mandarin whilst working. LTL offers a 4 hrs a week part-time program. These classes are also taken at our school, in a small group with a maximum of 6 students, although the average is only 4. The classes take place on 2 different days, 2 hours per day*, always outside of working hours.

*If we don’t have a group class available at your level, for the same price LTL will offer you 2 hours on 1-on-1 class. This can be taken either at school or at another location of your choice.

More Information on Part-time Chinese Classes

Benefits of studying while you intern

– You can put into practice in the day at work what you have learnt in your class the night before

– Make new international friends outside of work

– Gain an additional skill during your time in Shanghai


Prices in CNY Upgrade 1 2 3 4 5 6 Extra
Month Months Months Months Months Months Month
Chinese Course 4hrs of group or 2h of 1-on-1 class at your office/week 1,440 2,560 3,360 4,320 5,200 6,000 960

*Please note: all of our prices are in CNY.

For a full quotation on an internship with added Chinese classes, please Contact us.

Why LTL?

Our Wide Range of Internships and Partner Companies

Finding the right internship is so critically important. Choosing LTL will give you the opportunity to instantly connect with our network of contacts from a variety of sectors and a community of international friends and colleagues. We have been in China for decades and when you join the LTL internship program, you immediately gain access to the extensive list of our partner companies in Shanghai, many of which hire interns exclusively through LTL. From international corporations in the CBD to innovative start ups, we will organize interviews with companies that best suit your needs.

Which internship fits you best will depend on your background, preferences and skills and this may mean a small or local company. However, if it is a placement within an established multi-national organisation that you’re after, here is just a selection of some of  the big names in China that LTL has worked with in the past.


Our Shanghai Support Team

You’ve no need to worry, we’ll take good care of you during your adventure in China. Whether it is advice on changing money, how to buy train tickets, where to find the best beer bargains or if you need someone to take you to a hospital when you’re sick, the LTL team is available for you 24/7. If you’re planning on taking a Chinese course before your internship (a great way to settle into China), we’ll see you every day and know you’re settling in well. While you are doing your internship the LTL hotline is of course always working if you want to call us, however with all the frequent LTL events, you’ll see a lot of us face to face too and we’ll always be happy to discuss your needs. At the same time, you are always welcome to come by the LTL school in downtown Shanghai for a coffee or chat, to use the WiFi, for advice and help or just to hang out with other new interns and students.

Our Student & Intern Community
The LTL social community will very quickly allow you to meet other like-minded people of all ages, from all over the world. Our LTL WeChat (China’s answer to WhatsApp) group is extremely active and used by interns, students and staff. From tips about great weekend activities, new restaurants or where to go shopping, for most LTL interns and students this WeChat community is their social base where they connect with new friends and plan their life outside of their studies and work. As you can imagine, there is a lot going on in a city as buzzing as Shanghai; the LTL social community will make sure that you don’t miss out on anything and ensure that there is never a dull moment during your stay!

Language Specialists

As well as providing internships, LTL is an established Mandarin language course provider offering courses of all types in Beijing, Chengde and Tianjin as well as in Shanghai. With all of years of experience we are the perfect people to assist you with your language needs and worries, whether it be learning more basic, survival Chinese so that you can navigate your way through daily life without having to worry about the language barrier or if you just need a Mandarin speaker on the end of a phone to communicate with your landlord or driver. If you do decide that you’d like to learn Chinese during your stay in China, LTL offers a number of class options at varying intensities and prices that can take place at our school, in your home or at your workplace.


Sara, Italy

ltl shanghai internI did my internship with LTL for a period of half a year with a Shanghai-based tourism company. It was a very good experience as I learnt about various tasks, such as digital marketing, social media, branding of the company image and other aspects. I even had a chance to be part of the team responsible for a new partnership that created new ventures for my company.

We were a very international team. My colleagues were a young, dynamic and super friendly group that always tried to make sure I enjoyed my life in Shanghai. From the moment I started working there until the last day, I felt completely at home in the company.

Our team-building exercises are what I’ll remember most. We played different team games, had funny and interesting adventures together and you could really see that people loved what they were doing. I will never forget this experience and plan to be back in China as soon as I have the chance!

Sara did a 6 month Tourism and Marketing Internship in Shanghai.

Social Life

Visit West Lake on a day trip to Hangzhou

Visit West Lake on a day trip to Hangzhou

Shanghai is where East meets West, where 5000 years of history find their way into the 21st century and anything is possible. However, even though you will be living in a city of 25 million people, at LTL you’ll feel like your part of a new extended family. You will quickly meet other people through the LTL intern and student network, LTL events, day trips and Friday night drinks. LTL interns and students come from all over the world but all have the same passion: exploring and learning about this fascinating culture, while making friends and having fun on the way.

LTL Events in Shanghai

alex-shanghaiBefore you arrive we will send you the weekly “social calendar” with all the events for your first week in Shanghai. From the welcome breakfast on your first day, to the famous LTL Friday night drinks, there is always something happening. We organize regular dinners, show you Shanghai’s best kept shopping secrets and take you to our favorite restaurants, as well as show you how to enjoy this mega city on a student budget. In addition to school events, our WeChat (China’s version of Whats App) student group is very active and is where students also organize many of their own activities from their birthday parties, to sight-seeing trips or a Saturday night out. It is up to each person to decide what to take part in, but if you do want to do something with other students, there is always the opportunity.

All LTL events are free of charge and you just have to pay for your own food/drinks/entrance tickets.

LTL Weekend Trips

LTL students at the great wall

LTL students on a weekend at the Great Wall

We organize regular weekend trips to places outside of Shanghai, depending on the destination, these last for either one or two days. The most popular day trips are following Marco Polo’s steps in China’s ancient capital Hangzhou, visiting the old town and canals of Suzhou or walking the world’s largest city wall in the old Ming dynasty capital Nanjing.

Two day trips include climbing the Great Wall, enjoying the beaches and seafood in Qingdao or spending two days exploring Beijing’s old town and many sights.

All LTL weekend trips are organized free of charge and you only have to pay for your transport/food/drinks/guide/entrance tickets.