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Internship in China

Interning in China is a once in a lifetime adventure. You get impressive international work experience to add to your CV, the chance to explore an incredible ancient culture and you get to make a new international group of friends.

  • Why Intern in China?

    Why Intern in China?

    • At the forefront of the growing global economy
    • Interesting mix of ancient culture and modern architecture
    • China looks impressive on anyone's CV!
    • Incredible world heritage sites to explore
    • Opportunity to learn Mandarin - the worlds most spoken language
  • Why Choose LTL?

    Why Choose LTL?

    • We offer a wide range of internships in many industries
    • Rest at ease - accommodation and airport pickup are included
    • Great customer service both in and out of China
    • Our own thriving international social community
    • Many (mostly free!) trips and excursions for you to join

The LTL Internship Program

Are you ready for adventure and wanting to learn a new business culture? Do you speak fluent English skills and are at least 18 years old? Then you can fit right into the LTL internship program. Duration can be anywhere from 1 to 6 months and while Mandarin is beneficial, it is not required.

Having your internship organized by LTL will mean that you can put your mind to rest. LTL offers support, not only during the sign up process, as our student advisor can be contacted 24/7 during your time in China to help you with your needs.

We are confident we will find the right internship for you and can also offer you comfortable accommodation in great locations and a jam packed social calendar. Everything you need to make the most of your time in China. LTL offers an Internship in China Program in both Beijing and Shanghai, let us organize the right internship for your future.


  • Step 1 - Apply

    Email us the position, industry, location and dates you are looking for, ask any questions you might have and once you are ready, decide on the program you want.

  • Step 2 - Organize

    LTL organizes Skype interviews with suitable companies until you agree to an internship. Receive the signed contract, visa documents and pre-arrival information.

  • Step 3 - Arrive

    Get picked up from the airport and come to the LTL welcome breakfast. Join the LTL intern community for events, drinks and activities, and use the LTL support whenever needed.

Available Internships

We organize internships in 10 different industries, in large, small, international and local companies with a large variety of positions. Choose your accommodation, add a Chinese language course (optional), and let your internship advisor guide you through the interview process, help you with the visa and be your local guide once you are in China.

Planning Intern

The company is one of the most famous automotive companies in the world. The company's China headquarter…

place Beijing schedule 3 months+

Marketing Intern

The company is a global service provider from Munich Germany. They offer their clients (especially automotive…

place Beijing schedule 3 months+

Marketing & Communications Intern

The company is one of the leading global integrated logistics providers offering comprehensive supply chain management…

place Shanghai schedule 3 month+

Business Development Intern

The company  is technical sourcing company with a headquartered in Europe and one office in Shanghai.…

place Shanghai schedule 3 months+

Sales & Marketing Intern

The company was established in 2006 and became one of the leading ISP and Telecom service…

place Shanghai schedule 3 month+

Logistics Intern

The company was established in Germany and thereafter in China, Shanghai in 2001. Your company is…

place Shanghai schedule 3 months+

Marketing Intern

The company was established in Germany and thereafter in China, Shanghai in 2001. Your company is…

place Shanghai schedule 3 months+

Customer Relationship Intern

The company is an international financial consultancy established in 1997. They are specializing in global financial planning/…

place Beijing schedule 3 month+

Marketing Intern

The company is a link between the Chinese market and small UK companies. They help small…

place Beijing schedule 3 months+

Marketing Assistant Intern

The company is a leader distributor of European beverages and food. There are 3 branches in…

place Beijing schedule 2-12 months

Options & Pricings

LTL offers internships in two separate programs. Our Internship + Accommodation program is available from 4 weeks+ and includes accommodation as well as inclusive support. Our Internship Semester program last for a minimum of 16 weeks, up to a maximum of 22 and includes 4 weeks of accommodation and a four week intensive language course. For more details and prices, see below.

The Internship + Accomodation Program

This option allows for flexibility and ease. We will help find you an internship for as little as 4 weeks, up to a full year. The program includes…

  • Organization of an internship within a company in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Accommodation throughout your stay in a shared apartment small room
  • Pickup at Beijing/Shanghai airport upon your arrival
  • 24hr support in China
  • Visa assistance
  • An international LTL social community
  • A weekly trip, organized by LTL free of charge (expenses to be paid on the day)

Your included accommodation is in a shared apartment small room. Our shared apartments in Beijing are based next to the Communications University, just a few stops on the subway from the Central Business District and allow for more freedom during your stay. Our Shanghai location is equally as central. The bathroom is shared and bedding and towels are provided. Apartments are shared with Chinese students and possibly a foreign student or intern. There is limited use of kitchen facilities (fridge and microwave only) but there are many very cheap local restaurants located within a few minutes’ walk. WiFi and bills are included.

Prices in CNY 1 month 2 month 3 month 4 month 5 month 6 month Extra Month
Internship + Accomodation Basic 13,660 17,020 20,380 23,740 27,100 30,460 3,360

Due to the higher rental prices, a 150CNY/week Shanghai shared apartment surcharge applies for anyone going to Shanghai.


With the Internship + Accommodation Program, it’s possible to make upgrades on your accommodation and by adding Chinese classes to your internship.

  • The Chinese Homestay


    The Chinese Homestay option is great for those who want to learn Mandarin and experience the culture. Homestay families become like your second family and you’ll experience firsthand local Chinese living. It’s inclusive of two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and you will have free access to WiFi. All bills included.

    Upgrade Cost: 1000 CNY per week


  • Shared Apartment Large Room


    The Shared Apartment Large Room upgrade is perfect for those who want a little more personal space in which to relax. Also located in the Shared Apartments at the Communications University, these rooms are larger with a bay window and include a private bathroom.

    Upgrade Cost: 500 CNY per week


  • Part-Time Chinese Classes

    Part-time Chinese Classes can be taken around your internship to allow you to get a basic grip on the language which will assist you in your day to day life in China and add to your cultural experience. It’s also a great way to meet people outside of work. Includes 6 hours of small group classes a week in Beijing/ 3 hours of small group classes in Shanghai. (If no group class are suitable for your schedule/level, LTL will offer you 2 hrs of 1-on-1 class a week at your school, office or home ).

    Upgrade Cost: 360 CNY per week

  • Chinese Language Preparation Month

    A Chinese Language Preparation Month is a great way to settle into life in your city, get to know the social scene, make a lot of new friends and most importantly, equip yourself with the basics of the language that will make your time in China much more fulfilling. An intensive month includes 4 weeks of classes, 20 hrs per week. Classes take place in small groups (maximum of 6 students) at our school in either Beijing or Shanghai. The preparation month also includes accommodation.

    Shared Apartment Small Room: 11,370 CNY
    Shared Apartment Large Room: 13,370 CNY
    Half-Board Homestay Accommodation: 15,370 CNY

The Internship Semester

The internship semester program lasts for a minimum of 16 weeks. Start your adventure in China by taking 4 weeks of Intensive Chinese classes at our language school in Beijing or Shanghai. Accommodation is included for these 4 weeks in either a local Chinese Homestay (great for those wanting to experience local Chinese culture and improve their language skills quickly) or in our Shared Apartments (a budget option that’s perfect for those wanting more freedom).

These Chinese classes are taken in small groups (maximum of 6 students), last for 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday and are organized by your level. They are a great way of meeting new friends i n the city, getting involved with the LTL social calendar and most importantly, will give you some needed Mandarin language survival skills. At the end of 4 weeks you will be able to navigate the subway, ask for directions and order your dinner in restaurants.

After 4 weeks LTL will assist you in finding your own further accommodation free of charge. If you wish to stay in your current homestay/apartment, this can be arranged for a fee if the school is told in advance. Your internship now begins but your time at LTL does not. You will get 6 hours of Chinese group classes (2 hours, 3 times a week) included during the duration of your internship, taken outside working hours. These will help you to keep up your Mandarin level. (If no group class are suitable for your schedule/level, LTL will offer you 2 hrs of 1-on-1 class a week at your school, office or home).

This is the perfect internship program for those wanting to incorporate work experience with a new language skill and are looking to make a lot of friends both locally and internationally. Includes…

  • Airport pickup on arrival in China
  • A four week Chinese Language Preparation Month at our school in Beijing or Shanghai with accommodation
  • An internship in a company agreed upon by you in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Part-time Chinese classes throughout your internship
  • Assistance with finding accommodation for the duration of your internship
  • 24hr support in China
  • Visa assistance
  • The LTL social life – become part of the family
  • Weekly event or trip, organized by the school
Prices in CNY Description 4 Months 5 Months 6 Months 7 Months Extra Week
Intern Semester Small Room 1st month small room, shared bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 21,204 22,644 24,804 26,244 360
Intern Semester Large Room 1st month large room en-suite bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes 23,304 24,744 26,904 28,344 360
Intern Semester Homestay 1st month single room homestay, incl. breakfast & dinner, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 26,876 28,316 30,476 31,916 360

Please note: 1 month = 4 weeks. Other durations available

Due to the higher rental prices, a 150CNY/week Shanghai shared apartment surcharge applies for anyone going to Shanghai.


  • Katarina from Croatia
    Internship Semester
    Chinese PR and Media Consultancy Company, Beijing

    Working in a Chinese company was a very interesting and challenging experience. I was the only foreigner in my department and my colleagues quickly started taking me to meetings with foreign clients. Later on my company sent me on several business trips throughout China and it was great to be part of a real PR team.

  • Felix from Germany
    Intern and Accomodation
    British Software Company, Beijing

    During my internship in Beijing I am challenged at work every day, have so far participated in several very interesting projects and have been able to finally apply what I studied at university in a real business. The team is very nice and I am very sad that I will have to leave Beijing so soon, I will definitely come back.

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