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HSK Exam Preparation

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The Preparation Kit

Like any exam, passing the HSK is not just about learning Mandarin, but about learning the specific vocabulary and grammar that will be tested, as well as understanding the exam structure, required time management and exam preparation. With the LTL HSK examination kit we will guide you through the process, create an HSK study plan for you, do mock exams, help you to prepare and of course do the quite time consuming and cumbersome sign up and payment process for you, as well as provide you with past exam papers and the syllabus for the level you will take the exam in.

The Process

First your LTL HSK specialist will first do an assessment with you to determine your current HSK level as well as explain the exam structure. Based on this your HSK specialist will help you to choose the most suitable exam date and level, and identify the areas that you need to focus on to prepare for the HSK exam. You then receive a personalized HSK preparation plan, including study targets, learning strategies and your study plan, as well as mock exam dates. The HSK specialist will then organize the sign up and registration for you. Following your study plan, you will review and take several exams from last years tests, learn the vocabulary needed for your level and work through the given listening comprehension results. This can be done alone or as part of an additional LTL course, depending on your preferences. About a week before your HSK specialist will do a mock exam with you and afterwards analyse the results with you, give you exam tips, advice you on how to improve your exam time management and which topics you should review again before taking the test.

Fee: 980 CNY, including past exam papers and exam syllabus

HSK PrepIncludes

  • HSK level assessment
  • HSK study plan
  • HSK mock test and analysis
  • Five full sets of past HSK exams for your level and CD
  • The official HSK Test Syllabus and CD for your level
  • Sign up and payment support
  • Result pick-up

Does not include

  • Chinese classes
  • The Hanban Exam fee*

*Please visit the HSK exam page for details on signing up for the test and the HSK fees.

fabian2What our students say…

When taking the HSK it is important to manage your time well and know how to approach the questions to answer them quickly without wasting time. The mock exams and exam taking tips from my LTL teacher in combination with the HSK preparation kit were very helpful for me for that. It also made the exam registration process very easy, which allowed me to spend more time studying instead of doing paper work.

I took the HSK preparation kit for both HSK 2 and 3 – I got full marks on both tests – and will buy it again once I am ready for HSK 4.

Fabian Haenle, Germany

To sign up or for more information, please contact us

testhskPrepare for your exam and take the HSK with LTL

LTL Mandarin school is a registered HSK testing center offering monthly exams at all 6 levels. For more information or to register, visit our HSK Exam page.

LTL also offer a special HSK Preparation weekend to those who have registered to take the HSK exam with us. For more information and for prices, visit our HSK Preparation Weekend page.