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HSK classes in Beijing

Our HSK Program

Passed HSK exam after preparing with LTL Mandarin School

  • HSK classes taught by certified HSK examiners and experienced HSK teachers
  • Intensive HSK 1-on-1 tuition in Beijing
  • Start any Monday of the year
  • Option to register for HSK exams offered in Beijing every month
  • Students can combine HSK classes with general Chinese programs and Chinese homestays

The HSK (汉语水平考试 hànǚ shuǐpíng kǎoshì) is the official Chinese language test, recognized by all universities in China and most universities in other countries. It is divided into six levels  roughly following the European Common Framework of References for Languages. Beijing is the world’s biggest HSK testing centre, as the department of the Chinese Education Ministry in charge of administering it (Hanban) is based in Beijing. LTL is a registered HSK testing centre and offers monthly exam dates.

HSK classes at LTL are taught by teachers that focus on helping students to prepare for the HSK exam. Many of those teachers are certified HSK examiners themselves and can help students to understand the structure of the test, while classes on the vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns that will are required to pass the HSK level the student is preparing for. All HSK classes are taught 1-on-1 and are only available in Beijing.

HSK classes can be combined with small group general Chinese classes, 1-on-1 general Chinese classes, full immersion Chinese programs, LTL Chinese homestay programs, as well as all other LTL services and programs.

Get the LTL HSK Preparation Kit to make sure you properly understand the HSK exam, know how to study for it and not have to worry about how the sign up and payment process.

Sign up for the HSK Exam with LTL Mandarin School. As a registered HSK test center, LTL offers monthly test dates for the HSK at all 6 levels.

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Prices are listed for a sample selection of course durations.

Prices in CNY Description 2 3 4 8 12 Extra
Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Week
HSK Standard 20h HSK 1-on-1 classes  9,773  13,327  16,881  30,918  42,646  3,554
HSK Intensive 30h 1-on-1 HSK classes  14,660  19,990  25,321  46,378  63,969  5,331
HSK & Small Group 10h 1-on-1 HSK & 20h small group general Chinese  9,773  13,327  16,881  30,918  42,646  3,554
HSK & 1-on-1 10h 1-on-1 HSK & 10h 1-on-1 general Chinese  9,773  13,327  16,881  30,918  42,646  3,554
HSK Intensive & 1-on1 20h 1-on-1 HSK & 10h 1-on-1 general Chinese  14,660  19,990  25,321  46,378  63,969  5,331
HSK & 1-on-1 Intensive 10h 1-on-1 HSK & 20h 1-on-1 general Chinese  14,660  19,990  25,321  46,378  63,969  5,331

*Please note: all of our prices are in CNY.

Prices include: Course tuition and all your text books.

Christmas Discount: Arrive during low season and save big. All students who start their LTL course sometime in December 2015 receive a 50% discount from the 21st of Dec. to the 1st of Jan on all full time Chinese programs . (Minimum course duration 4 weeks) For details, please check the LTL Chinese course discount/supplement page.

Other Fees: Registration Fee 400 CNY

For a full quotation on a course please Contact us


Caterina Saccani took her HSK exam at LTL Mandarin School HSK Classes

“After studying Chinese for several years, I thought it was time to get an official qualification. When LTL first suggested I should go for HSK 5, I thought this was way too high. However, my LTL HSK teacher was excellent. She helped me identify my weaknesses and taught me how to overcome them and get me up to HSK 5 level within the three week course – and I ended up I passing the HSK 5! I know I wouldn’t have been able to do so without my teacher and LTL. Thanks a lot for the support, encouragement and great HSK course.”

– Caterina, 25, Italy


Social Life at LTL

Social Life at LTLStudents enjoying lunch together at LTL Mandarin School in Beijing

  • Meet other students from all over the world
  • Great student community
  • School dinners, karaoke, drinks and many other activities
  • Climb the Great Wall together
  • Spend traditional Chinese Holidays with other students and LTL

Community is very important for us at LTL. Our students come from all over the world, with a very wide variety of backgrounds, language abilities and China experience but are all united in their passion for learning Chinese and discovering China’s culture. We study together, meet for dinners, join for drinks, explore China’s capital and hope to meet many friends along the way. Learning Chinese can be more fun than a holiday. Join one of China’s most international and fun communities while learning Mandarin in Beijing. read more


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If you have any questions regarding our destinations, courses, accommodation or even if you just want to say hello, we are always happy to hear from you. You can contact us using the form below or if you’d prefer, email us directly on Our team will normally be in touch within 24 hrs of receiving your message, although you may have to wait a little longer at weekends.

If you need to speak to us urgently, you can always give us a call on +86 10 5100 1269  for Beijing, or +86 21 3368 0866 for Shanghai, between 8.30am and 6.30pm local Beijing/Shanghai time.

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How to Sign Up

Know everything you need to know? Ready for your Chinese adventure? You can sign up online for your language course at LTL by filling out the form on our Sign Up page

If you want to learn about the LTL sign up process, you can download our LTL Sign Up Guide for step by step information.