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How should you learn Mandarin? The best way to learn Chinese is not to simply spend hours rote memorizing characters, but to learn smart. You need to know how to learn tones, the best way to memorize characters, which apps and websites to use and how to keep motivated while learning Chinese.

Let 10 world famous Chinese language learners tell you in the free Ultimate GuidEbook to Learning Mandarin Chinese their tricks, advice and what they recommend as the best ways to learn Mandarin. Both for beginners and those who’ve already started learning, we help you to avoid the most common mistakes Chinese language learners make and benefit from our learning experiences.

Advice on how to Learn Chinese from 10 Language Specialists

  • Portrait of Chris Parker - Live the Language
    Pronunciation And Tones

    One thing I always tell people is that as with any language, it’s a good idea to practice speaking or at least get your mouth moving as early as you can. This is doubly so with Mandarin.

    Chris Parker
  • Portrait of Benny Lewis - Live the Language
    Remembering Chinese Words

    There are two tips I want to give to help you learn words faster – first I want you to notice some words you already know, and then I’ll give a tip for remembering the majority of unfamiliar words you’ll come across much quicker.

    Benny Lewis
  • Portrait of Olle Linge - Live the Language
    Improving your Chinese Listening Ability

    You get what your teacher says, but strangers seem to speak a different language. You hang out with Chinese people, but find it hard to catch what they say among themselves. Does this sound familiar?

    Olle Linge
  • Portrait of Verena Menzel - Live the Language
    Mastering Chinese Sentence Structure

    My method of mastering Chinese is one that may work when studying many other languages: learn full sentences, not single words or characters.

    Verena Menzel
  • Portrait of Hugh Grigg - Live the Language
    Maintaining Motivation to Study Chinese

    One of the biggest realisations I have made in my Chinese learning journey is that motivation is a finite resource. You don’t have total control over your motivation and recognising that lets you use your time and energy in a more effective way.

    Hugh Grigg
  • Portrait of Andreas Laimbock - Live the Language
    Immersion Chinese for Dummies

    Some people just naturally hear tones and some remember characters by just looking through them. I never did and it took me a long time to figure out how to learn Mandarin. Once I did, I finally mastered the language.

    Andreas Laimbock
  • Portrait of Richard Simcott - Live the Language
    Expanding your Chinese from Abroad

    Learning Chinese in China does not mean you will learn it better than someone learning it outside China. You simply need to access the language from where you are and take some steps to integrate Chinese into your life.

    Richard Simcott
  • Portrait of Sborto Zhou - Live the Language
    Using Technologies in Chinese Studies

    In the past few years, new technologies have experienced impressive developments. Which are the main tools that the new digital age offers to obtain a greater efficiency in studying Mandarin?

    Sborto Zhou
  • Portrait of Greg Bell - Live the Language
    Learn Chinese by Having Fun!

    Perhaps one of the greatest secrets to learning Chinese may not really be a huge secret after all: follow your passions and learn by having fun!  

    Greg Bell
  • Portrait of Marcus Pentzek - Live the Language
    Learning Chinese Characters Methods

    A friend of mine calls them birds’ foot scratches in the sand – I see pictographs in them representing images and ideas. But either way, at first sight Chinese characters will look like a puzzle to be solved!

    Marcus Pentzek