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High School in China


Chinese high school students


  • One or two semesters of high school in China
  • Living with a Chinese homestay family
  • 24/7 local support
  • Social activities, trips and language classes
  • One of Beijing’s best high schools

Experience High School in China

The high school in China program lasts for one or two semesters. You will live with a Chinese host family, experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin and have the experience of a life time. High school in China is perfect to learn Chinese and the culture through all the Chinese friends you will make. The friends you make and the experiences you have will be with you for a life-time, helping make you a global citizen. Your Chinese high school experience comes fully equipped with 24/7 support by LTL staff, before, during and after your stay in China, we provide support, advice, and plenty of social activities for our students.

Beijing Southwest High School (BSH) is located in the Southwestern part of Beijing and is a government elite school for international education. With a total of  1,200 students, the BSH international studies department prepares Chinese teenagers for attending university abroad. Some subjects like science and mathematics are taught in both English and Chinese. However, during your stay, you will be using Mandarin most of the time, communicating with your Chinese classmates and friends. Located a 15 minute walk from the subway, it is only 45 minutes to Beijing’s city center.

Accommodation is with a Chinese host family in a single room or a room shared with the family’s child. You will eat breakfast and dinner with your family, while lunch is served at the high school cafeteria. Food is always plentiful, tasty and Chinese. If you crave international food, you can find that in Beijing’s city center, but your host family and high school only serve Chinese food. Host families are usually located within walking distance of BSH and never more than 45 minutes travel time away from the high school.

The LTL preparation program starts in Beijing, four weeks before you start your high school in China program. You will intensively study Mandarin for twenty hours every week in small groups, with an average of four students per group at the LTL school campus in the Beijing Central Business District. During your first four months at BSH you will also study four hours of Mandarin in 1-on-1 classes at LTL.

Students during their High school experience in ChinaLocal support and social activities in Beijing are organized by LTL. This includes regular dinners and meetings for international students where students of all age groups and nationalities meet to talk about their experiences in China, make friends and explore China together. LTL also organizes regular weekend trips to the Great Wall or city’s like Xi’an that are always a lot of fun. The LTL office and school are located in the Beijing city center, where you can always find someone to talk to, to ask questions or just to take a quick break from your all China immersion experience in an international environment. We provide full support for our students, both with advice to help you to make the most of your high school in China experience and 24/7 emergency support.

Safety is one of the most important parts of the high school in China program. Thankfully Beijing is one of the world’s safest capitals and it is safe to walk through any part of the city at any time. The main thing to pay attention to is the traffic. Driving habits and adherence to traffic regulations in China might be quite different from what you are used to at home.

exchange high school student in ChinaRequirements to join the program are an open attitude to what will be a very different culture, school and family environment you are used to. It is very important to be willing to adapt and adjust into this environment, as while the environment at LTL is very international, at your high school it will be intense Chinese only. Most likely most or all your classmates will be Chinese who will be quite interested to learn and hear about your culture, but who themselves have never lived in or maybe not even visited another country. The family dynamics in China are also different and it is important that you are willing to fit into a Chinese family and be part of their life style. Your China family will be very curious about you and how thing’s are done in your country because they are Chinese and live a Chinese life.

Chinese language skills are an advantage, but are not required to participate in the program. You will study Mandarin intensively during your preparation program before starting your high school program and have additional Chinese classes during your high school program. Being fully immersed into a Chinese language environment, Mandarin language acquisition becomes very natural. All your classmates will study English at school, however very few will speak it fluently.

Fall Semester September 1st 2017 – January 30th 2018
Spring Semester February 25th 2018 – July 10th 2018

Fall Semester September 3rd 2018 – February 1st 2019
Spring Semester February 20th 2019– July 5th 2019

Fall Semester August 27th 2019 – January 20th 2020
Spring Semester February 12 2020 – June 30th 2020


All prices given are in Chinese Yuan, but can be paid in USD, Euro, CND, GBP or AUD according to the current exchange rate.

One Semester: 72,646 CNY

Two Semesters: 87,778 CNY


  • One month LTL Preparation Program, 20h/wk small group Chinese classes
  • High school placement with Beijing Southwest High School
  • Four hours of 1-on-1 classes every weekend for the first 16 weeks
  • Homestay accommodation during entire program
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Full LTL pre-arrival and local support
  • Social activities (extra charges)
  • Text books
  • A fun, supportive and safe environment for participants
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Does not include

  • Airfare
  • Insurance
  • Visa application expenses
  • Pocket money
  • School uniform (approx. 400 CNY)

Students doing their semester program in China with LTL Mandarin School

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