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Chinese Immersion Programs

Chinese Immersion

experience China with LTL Mandarin school

  • speak Chinese 24/7 in Chengde
  • Chinese homestays & apartments – no English spoken
  • Study in Beijing and China’s old summer capital: Chengde
  • Rapid spoken Chinese progress
  • Certified teachers
  • Choose from group or individual classes
  • Flexible duration and starting dates

The LTL Chinese immersion programs combine a course in an international city like Beijing where you can first settle into China and improve your Chinese skills before moving to the a complete immersion environment in Chengde. Two hours Northeast of Beijing, Chengde is a different world, where you will visit historic temples, hike in the mountains and get away from all the other 老外, Lǎowài (foreigners), experience Chinese life and be fully immersed into a Chinese language and culture environment. No English spoken.

The Two Cities


One of the world’s fastest growing, most energetic and exciting cities, millions of people come from all over China and the world to live and work here. There are new bars, restaurants, highways, skyscrapers opening every month – you will never get bored. The city is truly exceptional, but as such also life here can be quite different to other Chinese cities. It will be the first stop on your Chinese language immersion.

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The first stop on your Two City Como program, Beijing is a contrast of new and old, big and small, modern and traditional that cannot really be explained, but has to be experienced. Ancient temples and palaces in old Beijing are next to the skyscrapers of the Central Business District, where the nightlife is crazier than anything and people walk, work, and live faster than just about any other city in the world. On your way to school you might cycle first past the Forbidden City and little noodle shops and then through Beijing skyline, past the skyscrapers, the shopping malls and the international nightlife district, all together in one city, with endless opportunities for entertainment. As the cultural centre of China, the city has a very vibrant music, art, and student scene, while preserving the traditions of Beijing Opera (京剧), traditional stand up comedy (相声) and the Countries imperial legacy. Let 15 million Beijingers show you what is possible in today’s China, between tradition and modernity.



The ancient Chinese imperial summer capital Chengde, is the second stop for LTL Chinese immersion programs and could not be more different to Beijing. About two hours Northeast of the capital, in the Northern Mountains next to the old Great Wall, China’s old capital is today a quiet city, full of history, and moves at a much slower speed than China’s big metropolises. Even though both the Imperial Mountain Resort and the Putuo Temple in Chengde are today UNESCO world heritage sites, very few people outside of China have heard of the city and you will most likely not meet a single other foreigner during your stay there. LTL students live with a Chinese homestay family, study 1-on-1 classes and are fully immersed into Chinese language and culture.

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Chinese ImmersionAs the former imperial summer capital, many of Chengde’s residents are descendants of China’s old Manchu aristocracy and as a result the Mandarin spoken in Chengde is considered one of the most standard in all of China. Students are surrounded by native speakers of Mandarin all day and all communications, from ordering food to discussing the city’s history will be in standard Manarin. It is one of the few places in China where people on the street speak almost exactly the same as the characters in your textbook.


Chengde is located in the mountains North of Beijing, with clean air, blue skies, hiking trails, and a ski resort in the area. It is a city that can easily be navigated on foot or by bike, while taxis are easily available and very cheap. During the summer it has a refreshing breeze and is cooler than the cities in lower lying areas, which is why in the old pre air-con days, the emperor chose to spend most of his summers there. With about half a million inhabitants, it would be considered a city in most other parts of the world, however by Chinese standards, it is little more than a big village.


Visiting the Putuo Temple and the Imperial Mountain Resort is a must when you are in Chengde. You can do so during the weekends or choose the Chengde Safari option, where your teacher will visit the sights with you while learning Mandarin and exploring the city. It is worth to do a bit of reading about the Chengde’s history before coming, to understand why the Qianlong emperor decided to build such a big Tibetan temple there or the city was so important for the Qing dynasty.

The LTL Chinese Immersion Programs are a unique and combine a course in an international city like Beijing, full of energy and excitement with studying in a different world in Chengde, visiting historic temples, hiking in the mountains and entering into a truly Chinese world. You will get to experience both worlds, spending the first part in Beijing before moving to the Chinese heartlands for a full Chinese immersion experience.

Immersion Program Options

You can choose from four different options, combining 1-on-1 classes, small group classes, and culture classes in the two cities. LTL can also arrange individual programs with different class combinations, please contact us for details.

LTL Chinese Immersion Programs Chinese Immersion Standard Chinese Immersion Intensive Chinese Immersion & Culture Chinese Immersion Individual
Part One: Beijing 20h/wk small group 20h/wk small group & 10h 1-on-1 20h/wk small group & 10h Chinese Culture Classes 20h/wk 1-on-1
Part Two: Chengde 20h/wk 1-on-1 30h/wk 1-on-1 10h/wk 1-on-1 & 10h Chinese Culture Classes 20h/wk 1-on-1
Duration 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 weeks 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 weeks 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 weeks 4, 6, 8, 12or 16 weeks
  • Small Group – Maximum 6 students, 55 minutes per class at LTL’s Beijing Central Business District campus
  • 1-on-1 – 60 minutes per class at either LTL in Beijing or in Chengde
  • Culture Classes – choose between Tai Qi, Chinese cooking, Calligraphy, Kung Fu, and Chinese music.
  • For complete beginners, Language Standard, Language Intensive & Language & Culture courses start on Beijing group class starting dates every three weeks, while Language Individual courses start any Monday of the year.
  • Students who studied some Mandarin previously, can start all Chinese Immersion programs on any Monday
  • All courses last a minimum of four and up to 48 weeks, half of the time spent in Beijing, the other in Chengde.
  • Includes transport from Beijing to Chengde and back and all text books.

Discover Chengde

Get out of the classroom and learn Mandarin while exploring Chengde and it’s sights with your teacher.

More information for the Discover Chengde program

Experience ChinaGet out of the classroom and experience Chengde, to live, learn, and breathe Chinese. Instead of teaching you in a classroom, your teacher will take you every day to another part of the city to study Mandarin. Practice your tones in the Imperial Mountain Retreat, revise Chinese characters at the Eight Temples and use what you learned on the spot. Discover Chengde classes are not only fun and exciting, but help you to immerse yourself even further into a full Mandarin language environment and local culture.

  • You can upgrade four hours of your Chengde classes to Discover Chengde for up to two weeks.
  • We have an organized program, but if you have specific interests – let your teacher know.
  • Your teacher will pick you up at your homestay at the beginning of the class and drop you off at home when it finishes.

Accommodation Options

LTL Chinese Immersion Program students always live with a homestay family in Chengde, but can choose between different accommodation options in Beijing.

Chinese Homestay

If you want to quickly improve your spoken Mandarin, experience Chinese culture, and eat some of the world’s best food, there is no better choice than living with a Chinese homestay family. LTL homestay families are usually middle or high income families that enjoy having a foreigner live with them, to show them their culture and way of life while at the same time learn something themselves about the student’s home country and how people live outside of China. Chinese families are very hospitable and in addition to the daily family feasts, you will most likely be invited to weekend outings, hiking trips to the Great Wall or family weddings – one LTL student went to no less than eight weddings in six months with his host family. Like in many countries, the best Chinese food is served at home and you will experience this in your homestay family. A Chinese meal always includes several dishes, including plenty of vegetables, and options for vegetarians or other dietary requirements can be arranged. All of this will happen while speaking Mandarin of course and you will see your spoken Chinese language skills improve very fast when living in a homestay.

Shared Apartment (only available in Beijing)

Whether after a homestay or for your entire stay in Beijing, LTL also provides the option of living in a shared apartment. Students are placed in a single room in an apartment shared with mainly local university students. Apartments are conveniently located for traveling to the school (four subway stops) and – while students are less immersed than with a homestay family – they of course also offer the opportunity to make local friends.

In Beijing you can also choose to teach your family some English and get a reduced price Chinese homestay. In Chengde the focus of the program is full Chinese immersion and rapid language progress, which is why students always live with Chinese homestay families there.

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Homestay families have apartments centrally located, student’s live in a single room and are always the only non-Chinese person living with the family. Most homestays are within walking distance, but never more than 45 minute transport time away.

Shared Apartments (only available in Beijing)

Depending on preference and availability, the apartments may be shared with other foreign students or local university students. Apartments are conveniently located for traveling to the school (four subway stops) and are located next to the China Media University.

To ask questions about the program or sign up, please contact us


Please note: all of our prices are in CNY.  If you would like to download our prices, please click here.

Total Prices, CNY Total 4 wks Total 6 wks Total 8 wksL Total 10 wks Total 12 wks Total 14 wks Total 16 wks extra 2 wks
Chinese Immersion Standard 14,810 19,837 24,381 28,439 32,337 37,223 42,069 4,846
Chinese Immersion Intensive 22,483 30,862 38,435 45,199  51,761  59,838 67,915 8,077
Chinese Immersion Individual 18,646 25,350 31,408 36,819  42,069  48,531  54,992 6,462

Prices include: Course tuition, all your text books, our Beijing Standard Survival Kit as well as our Chengde Survival Kit.

View our prices (subject to changes in the exchange rate) in the following currencies: USD, GBP, AUD and EUR

All LTL Chinese Immersion Programs already includes airport pick-up in Beijing, transport to and from Chengde and a survival kit for both cities. Transport to Chengde is by train. On the way back you can choose between the train or a shared car, depending on which times fit you best. If you do not want to go to Beijing city, but straight to Beijing airport after finishing your stay in Chengde, LTL can organize a private car to pick you up from your Chengde homestay and bring you directly to the airport for approx. 900 CNY.

Discover Chengde is an upgrade you can add to any of your existing courses. The cost is an additional 1,000 CNY for one and 1,800 CNY for two weeks. In the case that additional transport or entrance tickets are required, you can pay for those for you and your teacher on the spot.

For accommodation options in Beijing you can choose between homestay, live & teach, shared apartment and serviced apartment accommodation options. As Chengde is a full immersion destination, all our students stay with Chinese homestays. Check the relevant sections for pictures, details and prices.

Christmas Discount: Arrive during low season and save big. All students who start their LTL course sometime in December 2017 receive a 50% discount from the 25th of Dec. to the 5th of Jan on all full time Chinese programs . (Minimum course duration 4 weeks)

More information about Survival Kits already included in your Chinese Immersion Program

The LTL Mandarin School Survival Kit Standard Beijing includes:

  • 24/7 emergency support in Beijing. Do not get into trouble – but if you do, we will be there for you
  • Airport pick-up
  • Your pre-charged Chinese 3G SIM card waiting for you at the airport, incl. 300MB 3G download volume, 240 SMS, 200 minutes free local calls during your arrival month.
  • Police registration support – according to Chinese law all foreigners need to register with their local police station within 24 hours of arrival, let us help you.
  • A Chinese bank account. We will set up a Chinese RMB, USD, Euro, AUD and SF bank account for you.
  • A bicycle for your entire stay
  • A Beijing public transport card, to be used on the entire subway and bus system. Pre-charged with 25 subway or 50 bus rides for unlimited distances within the Beijing public transport system.
  • The Beijing Map Pack: How to find the Forbidden City and Hidden Temples

The LTL Mandarin School Chengde Survival Kit includes:

  • 24/7 LTL Mandarin School Chengde support. No English is spoken in Chengde – if you are stuck we will be there to help.
  • 24/7 LTL Mandarin School Emergency support. If you are in trouble, call us.
  • Transport from Beijing/Tianjin to Chengde by bus or train
  • Pick-up service from the Chengde bus/train station to your homestay family
  • A bicycle for your entire stay in Chengde
  • The Chengde Map Pack: How to find the Imperial Parks and Eight Outer Temples

Other Fees: Registration Fee 400 CNY

Accommodation Finding Fee (if applicable): 300 CNY

Visas: As an accredited and recognized Chinese language school, LTL  is authorized to invite students to China for their course. Different visa fees and processes apply for each countries and different types of visa, so please ask us for details.

For a full quotation on a course please Contact us


James Chinese Homestay host Family Chinese Immersion Intensive I spent two months at LTL during my university summer vacation. It was a fantastic experience that I’d highly recommend to others. It was great fun experiencing Chinese culture in a homestay and I don’t think it would have been possible for me to learn more mandarin than I did in a mere two months. – James, Australia James studied 8 weeks Chinese Immersion Intensive with homestays in Beijing and Chengde.

Full Immersion Chinese with host family in China Chinese Immersion Individual Not too long left now and I will definitely miss Chengde and China. I have definitely enjoyed the experience, I only wish I had longer, both from a language perspective and with regard to living in the country itself. There is much to enjoy and admire here.  The homestay family have been great and will I hope provide others with their hospitality. I am very grateful to LTL for all your help – Mathew, UK Mathew studied 10 weeks Chinese Immersion Individual, with homestays in Beijing and Chengde.

Chinese Immersion Intensive Program

Jay, USA

Jay’s first trip: 7 weeks Chinese Immersion Intensive and Chinese homestays in Beijing and Chengde Jay’s second trip: 3 months small group class & Chinese cooking classes and serviced apartment in Beijing

Other Programs

Chinese group classes at LTL Mandarin School

Group Classes

  • Small Groups (max. 6 people)
  • Certified Teachers
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Modern Classrooms
  • Monthly Start Dates

Group Classes are perfect for beginners who would like to immerse themselves in Chinese language while interacting with other students and making new friends. We keep our classes small to make sure every student still gets individual interaction with our teachers and can really improve their Chinese quickly. For those students interested in intensive Chinese study we also offer a combination of Chinese group classes and individual classes. read more

individual chinese classes at LTL Mandarin school

Individual Classes

  • Personalized curriculum
  • Certified Teachers
  • Weekly Start dates
  • 1 on 1 tuition

Individual Classes are a great choice for Mandarin learners of all levels and allow you to make rapid progress with intensive individual attention with 1 on 1 tuition. The Chinese individual class curriculum is personalized to each student depending on your aims with studying more

Contact LTL

If you have any questions regarding our destinations, courses, accommodation or even if you just want to say hello, we are always happy to hear from you. You can contact us using the form below or if you’d prefer, email us directly on Our team will normally be in touch within 24 hrs of receiving your message, although you may have to wait a little longer at weekends.

If you need to speak to us urgently, you can always give us a call on +86 10 5100 1269  for Beijing, or +86 21 3368 0866 for Shanghai, between 8.30am and 6.30pm local Beijing/Shanghai time.

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How to Sign Up

Know everything you need to know? Ready for your Chinese adventure? You can sign up online for your language course at LTL by filling out the form on our Sign Up page

If you want to learn about the LTL sign up process, you can download our LTL Sign Up Guide for step by step information.