Chinese Immersion Program in China

The Chinese Immersion Program is a combination program where you will first settle into China with a course at a school in Beijing and then have an intensive complete immersion experience in Chengde. Chengde (not Chengdu) was the imperial summer capital in the Qing dynasty and people here are famous for speaking the best and most standard Mandarin of all in China.

At the same time no foreigners live there, nobody speaks English and students are completely immersed into a Chinese language and a cultured environment.

The Great Wall - Chinese Immersion Program

  • Study in two different cities
  • Start in Beijing
  • Continue in Chengde
  • No English spoken in Chengde
  • Homestays & shared apartments
  • Fast language progress
  • Full support from LTL
  • The perfect combination

    The perfect combination

    Adventure - start in Beijing, settle into China and improve your Mandarin
    Finish - completely immersed in Chengde, speaking Mandarin 24/7
    Diverse - life in Beijing is very different to a smaller city like Chengde
    Ready - gain the skills you need first and then dive into real immersion

  • Learn Mandarin Fast

    Learn Mandarin Fast

    Immersion works - in Chengde your Chinese will progress very fast
    Speaking - quickly gain confidence especially in speaking Mandarin
    Homestays - live with a Chinese family to get ahead faster
    Continuation - your course continues when moving to a new city

  • Service and Support

    Service and Support

    Community - meet other students and make friends easily in Beijing
    Activities - join our many school activities and events in Beijing
    Preparation - pre-Chengde meeting before you move
    Chengde support - our team in Chengde are always available to help

  • Pick your options

    Pick your options

    Choose - combine small group and/or 1 on 1 Mandarin classes
    Choose - homestay, shared apartment, serviced apartment or hotel
    All inclusive - survival kit and transport to Chengde already included
    Add-ons - add a connection kit to make local friends quickly

Chinese Immersion Program

The Chinese immersion program combines a Chinese language course in Beijing with studying in a complete immersion environment in China’s old summer capital, Chengde. Living completely immersed in Chengde is a great way to experience the real China and improve your Mandarin fast. However, for someone who is not familiar with China yet, this can be a bit too much at the beginning. Therefore you will first settle into China at our language school in Beijing where we have a fun international community of students studying abroad. There are plenty of foreigners around and even some local Chinese can speak English. You can choose to study in a small group or individually, live in a homestay, shared or serviced apartment or your own accommodation. During this time, you will improve your Mandarin, learn how China and its society work and get ready to take the next big step into a real immersion environment.

First we will get you ready for the real China with the pre-Chengde meeting. After this, you will move to Chengde where you will not speak a word of English anymore and be speaking, dreaming and living Mandarin 24/7. Accommodation options here are homestay or shared apartments and your friends will exclusively be local Chinese.

Chinese Immersion Program Standard

Study 20 hours a week of small group in Beijing, followed by 20 hours of 1 on 1 in Chengde.

If you studied Mandarin previously you can start the program on any Monday, but if you are a complete beginner you should start on one of our beginner group starting dates. The program can be taken for as long as you want from four weeks to 12 months.

Chinese Immersion Program Intensive

The fastest way to learn Mandarin there is. You will study 20 hours of small group and 10 hours of individual Chinese classes in Beijing, followed by 30 hours of 1 on 1 in Chengde.

Like the Chinese Immersion Standard Program you can start on any Monday if you already know some Mandarin, but can only start on a complete beginner date in Beijing if you don’t. The program can be taken for as long as you want from four weeks to 12 months.

Chinese Immersion Program Individual

Your Mandarin classes will be tailored just for you and you will study 20 hours of individual classes both in Beijing and Chengde.

You can start the program on any Monday, independently of your level and can study it for a language holiday of only four weeks or up to complete fluency for 12 months.

You can also find information about the Chinese Immersion Program on our LTL Mandarin School Beijing website.


Duration % OFF Standard (CNY) Individual (CNY) Intensive (CNY)
4 weeks 0% 14,810 18,646 22,483
6 weeks -11% 19,837 25,350 30,862
8 weeks -18% 24,381 31,408 38,435
10 wks -23% 28,439 36,819 45,199
12 wks -27% 32,377 42,069 51,761
14 wks -28% 37,223 48,531 59,838
16-52 wks -29% 5,259/2wk 6,874/2wk 8,489/2wk

Prices are all in CNY (Chinese Yuan/Renminbi)

Includes: Survival Kit Standard Beijing & Chengde, transport from Beijing to Chengde and back by train, all tuition fees, Beijing or Shanghai airport pick-up, all text books and 24/7 support

Does not include: Accommodation

Note: like with all LTL programs there are no hidden fees. Your textbooks are already included in the price and there are no registration, accommodation finding, high season or other additional fees.

What our Students Say

Max Braun Testimony for LTL
Max Braun

"In general, I loved my time in China and I can only recommend to anyone to visit this country of the future. And yes, with some commitment and time you are definitely able to master the Chinese language."

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Max Braun Testimony for LTL
Max Braun

Hi, my name is Max, I am a high school graduate taking a gap year before starting university. I decided to go to China to discover a new culture and at the same time learn a new language. Since I wanted to achieve some major progress and be able to communicate effortlessly afterwards, I decided to stay at least half a year in China and chose the “Intensive Immersion Program” to make the most out of my stay.

Having set a clear goal, I divided my stay into 3 months each in Beijing and Chengde. I attended 4 hours of group class and 2 one-on-one sessions each day in Beijing and 6 hours of one-on-one’s in Chengde. I also lived in a homestay which added some more valuable time of Chinese surrounding. However, looking back it was definitely Chengde and the one-on-one classes which were responsible for my fast progress. To be honest, Beijing is a nice city but Chengde is where the real action takes place. At least when it comes to learning Chinese. Chengde is quite rural compared to Beijing and the amount of foreigners is at an absolute minimum which is why it creates such a perfect learning environment. The pace of life is slower, for example your homestay has time to take you out for dinner regularly, people approach you more openly and if you want to have social interactions it will most likely only be possible with Chinese.

Of course there is life beyond the classroom: Beijing is a huge and interesting city, definitely take your time to tour through all the sight-seeing places, they are worth it. Beijing impressively shows how China is picturing it’s future and it is fascinating to experience that. On the contrary is Chengde very small in comparison. I found it harder to get to know Chinese people in Beijing. This isn’t just because of the city’s huge size, there are more people, but also more foreigners. Chengde is the place to go if you want to meet the “real China” beyond the internationalized version in Beijing.

On the flipside, you need to be creative in Winter in Chengde, it’s cold and you must brave the weather. However, if you are up for football in minus temperatures you will keep yourself busy! Alongside the studying during the week, you’ll have good fun in Chengde.

In general, I loved my time in China and I can only recommend to anyone to visit this country of the future. And yes, with some commitment and time you are definitely able to master the Chinese language.

Zander Testimony for LTL
United Kingdom

"If you are looking for the ‘real China’, Chengde is likely to be the place for you. The food was excellent (best I’ve had in China). I passed my HSK 6 which I was very pleased with. If you are willing to take the plunge, I couldn’t recommend it more."

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Zander Testimony for LTL
United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Zander and I came to China and Chengde after finishing my Master’s degree at university. In total I was in China for 10 months, which included 7 months in Beijing and 6 weeks in Chengde (both at LTL).

Zander enjoying Immersion in Chengde

Zander enjoying Immersion in Chengde

I decided to come to Chengde because I was preparing to take the HSK 6, and wanted to be in a full immersive environment for this. While I enjoyed Beijing, I had lots of English-speaking friends and knew how easy it was to be distracted there. Chengde appealed to me because it is relatively isolated and pretty unknown to foreigners.

I stayed in a homestay which was located directly opposite the main train station in the main area of town. My family was a couple, their two young kids, and the mother’s mother. They were lovely, always very kind and I liked the eldest kid so much we would play games together pretty much everyday. Each evening the grandma would invite me out dancing but I was usually studying so didn’t go too often. The food was excellent (best I’ve had in china, honestly) and there was always too much. 

Although I was mainly preparing for my exams I can see how easy it would be to immerse yourself into the culture of Chengde. Foreigners are so rare that everyone is very excited and happy to chat with you. I attended my teacher’s friends wedding which was a real experience and she managed to integrate me quite well into her friendship group.

Zander enjoying food with Angelina from the LTL Beijing Team

Zander enjoying food with Angelina from the LTL Beijing Team

If you are looking for the ‘real China’ which feels quite distant when visiting the megacities of Beijing or Shanghai, Chengde is likely to be the place for you. It’s really almost like going back in time.

I passed my HSK 6 which I was very pleased with, and would attribute lots of this to the focus and direction that the learning-environment of Chengde provided. If you are willing to take the plunge, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I take the program for?

You can do the Chinese immersion program for as short as four weeks or up to a whole year.

How will I get from Beijing to Chengde?

From Beijing you will be taking the train to Chengde on the Sunday before you start your Chinese immersion program there. The cost of the ticket is already included in your program and we will arrange the tickets for you. In Chengde you will be picked up by our local co-ordinator who will take you to your accommodation and show you around the city.

Who will support me in Chengde?

Our immersion support team will. We have a very dedicated, young and fun local support team who will take you with them for dinners, visits to the ancient Summer Palace, hiking trips or whatever else they are up to. Our students often become very close friends with the LTL local team members, especially when studying in Chengde for a longer period of time.

How much Mandarin will I learn?

While each person is of course different, how much Mandarin you will learn mainly depends on how long you are doing the immersion program for and which options you choose. The intensive immersion program gets you ahead faster than the standard option. Students living in a homestay usually progress faster than those who do not. However, your Chinese language progress in Chengde will certainly be significantly faster than while studying in any other city. If you pass by our schools in Beijing or Shanghai on your way back home, you will be amazed how far ahead you got of your old class mates who stayed there. If you are worried about losing any of your Mandarin skills you gained from your Immersion program then it’s worth visiting our continuation courses page to discover more about learning Mandarin when you go back home.

What is life in Chengde like?

Life is fun, healthy and interesting, but completely different to other countries or big international cities like Beijing and Shanghai. We have a page with more information about life in Chengde with a lot of information about the city and living there. You will definitely need to be ready for exploring and living in a completely Chinese culture environment though.

What accommodation options are there?

If you want us to help you with booking accommodation, we have separate pages for accommodation options in Beijing, as well as a dedicated page for homestays and shared apartments in Chengde.

Can I also combine Shanghai, Beijing and Chengde in one program?

Yes you can. Have a look at our multi city Chinese courses for all the options.

How do I sign up?

Simply send us an email via the contact form to let us know which program options you want to take from when to when and we will have you signed up within less than a day. If you have any questions regarding the program or want some suggestions which options might be most suitable for you, please message us to let us know a bit more about you and you will have a reply in your inbox within less than 24 hours (during working days). We also have a very good info graphic on how to sign up for an LTL course.

Instead of splitting the program half/half are other options also possible?

Yes or course they are. While it is a good idea to start your course in a more international city like Beijing to settle into China it is not necessarily required to spend exactly half the program there and the other half in Chengde. If you want to go to Chengde after just one or two weeks of studying Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai or only go there for the last few weeks of your program this can be organized without problems. Have a look at our Chinese courses in Beijing to see options there. If you want, you can also combine the program with a Chinese course in Shanghai, or a Chinese course in Taipei. Please contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

Is there a Chinese immersion program for Shanghai too?

Yes there is. Have a look at our Shanghai Chinese immersion program on our LTL Shanghai website.

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