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Chinese Immersion in Chengde


  • Immersion
  • Intensive Chinese studies
  • Homestay
  • Chinese culture classes

Most learners of Mandarin face the same problem: even while living in China we often end up speaking surprisingly little Mandarin once we’ve finished classes. Let LtL help you surpass this plateau with the Complete Immersion Chengde Program.

Banish English from your life as you communicate solely in Mandarin all day, every day, guaranteed. Staying with an LtL-approved local Chinese family in an international standard apartment, you will have two hours of Mandarin class each day, plus two hours of Tai Qi or Chinese Music (Gu Zheng).

Mandarin will be your exclusive daily mode of communication, whether discovering the old Imperial Summer Residence and Temples of Chengde, making dinner with your host family or having drinks after class. This is the best way to fully develop your language skills and use what you have learned.

Mandarin School LTLDuring your trip you will also discover why Chengde was called 避暑山庄 (“avoiding the heat mountain villa”) and why the Kangxi Emperor spent the hottest months there instead of the Forbidden City.

With the full Chengde Survival Kit, LtL not only helps you to get there and back, but we will have your bicycle and local SIM card waiting for you upon arrival. Your family will pick you up from the station and show you their home town, all with LtL support available if needed.

Complete Immersion Chengde is also available as a weekend program, perfect for working professionals.

Discover Chengde

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Instead of studying in a class room setting, let teacher take you to a different part of Chengde every day for class where you learn and practice Mandarin in a real life setting, and explore China’s ancient summer capital. A great way to get out of the class room, have fun, and learn Chinese. Choose from 10 trips: The imperial summer mountain resort, the university city, the ancient imperial palace, folk art, shopping in Chengde, the eight temples, the twin tower hill, Kuixing tower, Chengde’s parks, and the morning/evening market.

  • You can upgrade four hours of your Chengde classes to Discover Chengde for up to two weeks.
  • We have an organized program, but if you have specific interests – let your teacher know.
  • Your teacher will pick you up at your homestay at the beginning of the class and drop you off at home when it finishes.

Chengde & Ski

Chinese immersion options available through LTL

  • Intensive Chinese classes
  • Homestay
  • Culture classes
  • Skiing

Banish English from your life and enjoy Chengde’s Mylin Valley, located in the Qing Dynasty Imperial Residence Resort City and home to one of China’s premier Skiing Resorts.

Communicate solely in Mandarin all day, every day, guaranteed. Staying with an LtL-approved local Chinese family in an international standard apartment, you will have two hours of Mandarin class each day, plus two hours of either Tai Qi or Chinese music classes.

Every week you will also spend two days skiing at Chengde’s Mylin Valley Ski Resort at 2000m altitude, with slopes both for beginners and advanced skiers and two snowboard parks. Equipment, transport and skiing pass are all included in the program.


Please see below the pricing for each Chengde Package:

Program Includes Price Price for Additional Week Price for Additional Day
Complete Immersion Chengde 7 nights homestay incl. breakfast & dinner, Chengde Survivial Kit, 20h/week 1on1 class, 24-7 local support, roundtrip transport Beijing to Chengde 5,750 RMB 5,250 RMB unavailable
Chengde Immersion Weekend 2 nights homestay incl. breakfast & dinner, Chengde Survival Kit, 4hr per day 1-on-1 class, 24-7 local support, roundtrip transport Beijing to Chengde 2,400 RMB unavailable 600 RMB
Chengde Weekend Package 3 weekends, each with: 2 nights homestay incl. breakfast & dinner, Chengde Survival Kit, 4hr per day 1-on-1 class, 24-7 local support, roundtrip transport Beijing to Chengde 6,000 RMB unavailable unavailable
Chengde Chinese & Ski 7 nights homestay, Chengde Survival Kit, 20hr per week 1-on-1 class, 24-7 local supporte, 2 full day ski passes with ski rental and roundtrip transport to resort, roundtrip transport Beijing to Chengde 6,900 RMB 6,450 RMB unavailable

Want to get active and get out of the classroom? You can change up to 10 hours of class per week to Tai Qi, Kong Fu or Chinese cooking classes at no additional cost.


  • Tuition- Chinese classes and culture classes
  • ŸAccommodation
  • Ski passes and equipment rental (only for Chengde & Ski Program)
  • 24/7 LTL support
  • Language Exchange partner (if requested)


  • transport to and from Chengde by train or bus
  • Chengde map
  • bicycle
  • 24/7 full LTL staff support
  • Social events and activities (additional costs might apply)


Discover Chengde
Upgrade any of the courses above with the Disocver Chengde option

Weekend: 300 CNY, Full week: 1,000 CNY, Two weeks: 1,800 CNY

For some sights entrance fees or additional transport are required. These costs are generally quite moderate and students can pay them directly at the venue for themselves and their teacher.

Experience China through LTLs Immersion program

Culture Classes available in Chengde:

  • Chinese Music (Gu Zheng)
  • Tai Qi
  • Kong Fu






Chengde Immersion Weekend

I do indeed live, eat and sleep Chinese: aside from formal classes, I learn t’ai chi in the shade of a pine in the old imperial gardens built in the 18th century to amuse the emperors, get whipped at ping-pong by the youngest member of the family (aged 12) and then lose at drinking baijiu firewater shots with the oldest (Mrs Wang, aged 63).

– Peter Foster, United Kingdom full review published in The Telegraph            Read the full newspaper article

Chengde Weekend Chinese Language Immersion Chengde Immersion Week

“I just came back from Chengde and still regret having spent there only one week. It is a beautiful city in the mountains with clean air, many attractions but also a lot of calm spots to relax or to have class at. I enjoyed the hospitality of a young Chinese couple which helped me very much to get an insight into local food, entertainment and everyday life. Moreover, I finally started using the language not only in the 1-on-1 lessons with my teacher but also back at work! Even if I am by far not ready to communicate on a professional level it is really fun to see how much it is appreciated by my local colleagues. One week in Chengde definitely helped me to improve my Mandarin but furthermore got me hooked on using the language as well as opening new doors and people I see every day!”

– Jury, Germany, Daimler

1-on-1 classes in Beijing & 7 days full immersion in Chengde

Casey Chengde Student

Chengde Immersion Week

‘I have been studying Chinese for years, but the LTL homestay program in Chengde gave me the opportunity for the first time to use my Chinese day in and day out.  I lived, biked, and engaged with the locals all day, which I would usually not in Beijing. My homestay host, Wang Aiye taught me how to prepare some of my favorite meals and provided a very comfortable environment for me to live. My Chinese improved a lot!  This was a very valuable experience and I had a really fun time. I highly recommend LTL for those who want to improve their Chinese.”

– Casey, United States

Chengde full immersion week: Chinese homestay, 30h/week 1-on-1 class, and Chengde Safari

Chinese immersion

Long Chengde Immersion Weekend

“With a normally busy work schedule in Beijing, it was great to get out of town and use only Chinese, as well as explore the history and culture of Chengde.  LTL prepared a day by day itinerary according to my wishes, and so I went with my teacher to see the Imperial Mountain Resort and surrounding grounds, climb up to Club rock, as well as visit impressive temples – great sights with fewer tourists than elsewhere in China.  Every site we visited was also the focus of our discussion and became the Chinese lesson, any my teacher was great at mixing in cultural information with important language learning.  My host family kept me comfortable, well fed and looked after, even helping me with my writing practice.  After several days of immersion, my Chinese listening skill was greatly improved,  and I became more confident to speak and quicker to respond.”

Tyson, Australia

3 days Chengde full immersion and homestay & four hours per week 1-on-1 class in Beijing

Contact LTL

If you have any questions regarding our classes, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact us using the form below or if you’d prefer, email us directly on Our team will normally be in touch within 24 hrs of receiving your message, although you may have to wait a little longer at weekends.

If you need to speak to us urgently, you can always give us a call on +86 10 5100 1269 between 8.30am and 6.30pm local Beijing time.

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