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School Accreditations

International Accreditations

International Association of Language CentresIALC – International Association of Language Centres

The International Association of Language Centres was founded in 1983 and is today the world’s oldest and biggest international private language school association. As a fully accredited member, LTL is regularly inspected by the association and operates according to the IALC code of ethics.


Government Accreditations

LTL is accredited by the following accreditation bodies


hsk-logoMinistry of Education

LTL is an accredited HSK testing center.


Ministry of Commerce

as an accredited “Provider of Cultural Exchange Programs”

Ministry of Science of six different German States

as an accredited provider of “Educational Holiday Trips” (Bildungsurlaub)

Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket/CSN)

as an accredited “Education Provider”



If you are German or Swedish your government does provide scholarships for studying with an accredited institution like LTL. Contact Us for details.

University Accreditations

As one of Beijing’s top accademic instituitions LTL class credits are recognised by universities around the world. For this our courses were certified as university credit equivalents by


MSU, Michigan State University

United States of America, Michigan

European Union

FHAM, Fachhochschule fuer Angewandtes Management Erding

University of Applied Management Erding, Germany


For information on how to receive credits at your university for your LTL course, please Contact Us


award language bookings

Languagebooking’s Students’ Choice Award

“Exceptional Language School”



STA IALC award 2014Study Travel Association

“Winner 2014” in the category “Language School Association” with IALC


LTL IALC Super Star School AssociationStudy Travel Association

“Superstar School Association with IALC”