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Learn Chinese in China - Choose Your City

Everyone’s reasons for studying Chinese in China are different and choosing the right city to study Mandarin in is very important. That’s why LTL has schools in three very different cities, each offering a very good environment to learn Mandarin and experience Chinese culture, but in different ways.

  • Beijing

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    China's cultural centre, Beijing has a great music, literature and art scene and is an exciting mix of modern and traditional China. With 56 universities in the city, it is also very young and student friendly.

    • Chinese Immersion
    • Foreign Influence
    • Standard Mandarin
    • Cost of Living
  • Shanghai

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    Fast and furious, Shanghai is probably one of the world's most amazing cities. With it's colonial history it is very international, metropolitan and modern, as well as a great place to start a new career.

    • Chinese Immersion
    • Foreign Influence
    • Standard Mandarin
    • Cost of Living
  • Chengde

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    Two hours outside of Beijing and a UNESCO world heritage site, China's ancient summer capital is both historic and traditional. A slower pace of life in a fully immersed Chinese environment.

    • Chinese Immersion
    • Foreign Influence
    • Standard Mandarin
    • Cost of Living
  • Immersion Program

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    Start to immerse yourself in Beijing, with the advantage of living in an international city. Once you have settled in, move to Chengde for complete Chinese immersion; explore the historic city and experience 24/7 Mandarin. You'll be surprised how quickly your Chinese language skills improve!

  • Multi-city Program

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    Another option is to combine learning Chinese in different cities and seeing different sides of China. Combine courses in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengde in any way that suits your interests best. Flexible starting dates and course durations, while studying a continuous curriculum in all cities.

Beijing is perfect for those that want to discover ancient China, its traditions and learn about Chinese history whilst also being able to enjoy all the nightlife, shopping and attractions offered by the capital of the world’s largest country cities.  It is home not only to the some of the most famous sights in China, but also countless temples and pagodas hidden in the small alleyways of the old town, just next to the skyscrapers of the Central Business District next door. Watch the youtube video to the right to see some of what Beijing has to offer.

It is also one of the best cities in the whole of China to learn Mandarin-Chinese as it is the local language spoken here on the streets so you will always be practicing what you are learning in class. Beijing is located less than an hour from one of the most impressive sights we have ever seen: the Great Wall of China.

Our school in Beijing is located in the centre of the CBD and is just a few minutes walk from Dawanglu subway station, located on Line 1 of the Beijing subway. This is the same line that will take you to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.


Address: Sunshine 100, Building C Rm 2910 Guanghua Lu 5, Beijing.

Telephone: 010 51001269 | Email:

Shanghai is at the height of Chinese modernity and a perfect option for those who want glitz and glamour and to explore the most developed of China’s and one of world’s great metropolitan cities. It is also great for shopping and has a large number of award winning high end restaurants for foodies. Watch the YouTube video to the right to see Shanghai’s impressive skyline and lights.

Mandarin is the working language in Shanghai and will be spoken in shops and restaurants so there is no excuse not to practice outside of class hours! As you would expect in one of the world’s most exciting cities, there is a large expat community in Shanghai so it’s great for those wanting to live within a multi-cultural community and make international friends.

Our school in Shanghai is located in the centre of the city close to the famous Jing’an Temple. It is modern and airy with free WIFI available and it is walking distance from both a subway station and several bus stops. LTL Shanghai is a great place to learn Chinese in China.


Address: Xiangyang South Rd, Bldg. A, 9th Floor, Room 910, Shanghai

Telephone: +86 21 3368 0866 | Email:

Chengde is the choice for nature lovers who want to learn Chinese in China. It’s located just two hours from Beijing and although it was once home to the emperor’s summer escape, it is now very little known outside of China. Nestled in the mountains next to the Great Wall, Chengde is also home to a number of UNESCO heritage sites, including the Putuo temple, Imperial Summer Retreat and has a large amount of culture and history to be explored.

Chengde is full on China. No English, no foreigners, no international lifestyle, but excellent Mandarin, many curious locals and experiencing real Chinese culture first hand. Being fully immersed into a Chinese culture and language environment is both very rewarding, but can also be a challenge especially at first, so this is not for everyone. However our LTL Chengde team is 24/7 available to help you with whatever problems you might have, from cultural misunderstandings, language problems, or just wanting to know where the best local bars can be found.


Address: 承德市双桥区凤凰御苑6号楼1单元802

Telephone: 0314-5706336 | Email:

Let Andreas, our school director, give you some personal advice.

How to choose where to study in China?

Each one of the three cities is very different. Many people say it is not possible to both like Beijing and Shanghai. If you love one, you will hate the other – and Chengde is a completely different world to those two mega cities. I spent 15 years traveling and living all over China and found these three my favorite places to learn Chinese in China. However I think it is very important to ask yourself what you are looking for before making a choice, so you pick the one that is right for you. Do you want to be able to communicate in English if necessary (Shanghai) or be speaking Mandarin all day (Chengde)? Or maybe somewhere in between (Beijing)? Do you enjoy art, clubbing or hiking? Are you learning Mandarin to learn about the culture or to develop a career? Read about the cities on this page and do your own research before making your choice.If you are not sure where might be best for you, feel free to send me an email on and I would be happy to offer advice.

Why not study Chinese somewhere else?

Mandarin is China’s official language, however it is the native tongue of only a part of the population and only a fraction of those speak standard Mandarin. As a result, if you want to study in a standard Mandarin speaking environment, there are basically two choices. First, North-East China, basically anything from Beijing northwards, where standard Mandarin is the main native tongue. Second, large migrant cities, like Shanghai, where people from all over China immigrate to, outnumbering the local population. They all have their own languages and accents and have to speak Mandarin with each other it being the only way to communicate, even though most do not speak it as a native language.

Why learn Chinese in China?

I learned Chinese in China because I wanted to learn about Chinese culture and had realized that without Mandarin that is just not going to happen. The great thing about studying in China is that learning Mandarin is not just an academic exercise, but the language is alive. When you learn something new, that means there is something new you can do. Order a new dish, sing your first Chinese song at Karaoke, have your first Chinese dinner conversation – it is these moments of success and the feeling that you slowly start to understand a bit more about China’s culture and people that make learning Mandarin in China fun.

Still have more questions?

Contact Andreas directly on or by telephone on +86 (0) 10 5100 1269 to ask any questions you may have regarding our destinations or our courses.