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Chinese University Pathway Program


  • Guaranteed Placement in an LTL Partner University upon passing HSK 4
  • University application support
  • University interview preparation

Today Bachelor and Masters Degrees from Chinese universities have become a very valuable qualification. Studying amongst the brightest of China’s students whilst gaining a deep understanding of Chinese culture and the Chinese way of life is a priceless opportunity. This knowledge has allowed China’s entrepreneurs and young professionals to consistently outperform their rivals in China. Learning Mandarin opens the door to 1.3 billion potential partners and consumers and earning attending a Chinese University Program is one of the best choices a young and ambitious future leader can make.

The LTL University Preperation Program is China’s best known and established university preparation program. Let us help you study degrees in Business, Medicine, Arts or Sciences and prepare your chinese for studying at some of the best universities the world has to offer. This program allows you to rapidly acquire the necessary language skills to be accepted into university in China where you can continue to improve your Mandarin while earning your degree. During the program you can choose to either study at one of our seven partner universities whom will offer you guaranteed admittance upon successful completion of our program or choose your own favorite university and we will help organise organize campus visits and course introductions for you while guiding you through the application process.

The LTL University Pathway Program details:

  • Guaranteed university placement (BSc/MSc/Phd) for successful graduates of the LTL Intensive University Preparation Course and HSK Test with any LTL partner university
  • University application support for your preferred Chinese university
  • For complete beginner we suggest to take two Chinese language semesters or five months of intensive Chinese courses first. For students with previous knowlege of Mandarin a shorter study period might be enough.

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Partner Universities

BSc/MSc/Phd Architecture Medicine Business Engineering Arts Total Students
Beijing Univ. of Civil
Engineering and Architecture
Yes X Yes Yes X 10,000
Dalian Univ. of Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 35,000
South China Univ. of Technology Yes X Yes Yes Yes 70,000
Liaoning Medical Univ. X Yes X X X 15,000
Liaoning Univ. of Technology X X Yes Yes X 20,000
Bohai Univ. X X Yes X Yes 24,000
Hunan Univ. X Yes Yes Yes Yes 30,000

Chinese University Quick Facts

  • Tuition Fees between 15,000 – 25,000RMB/year
  • Accommodation cost on campus between 3,000 – 15,000RMB/year
  • Most Bachelor degrees take four years (five for medicine) and a Masters degrees three years (four for medicine) to complete.
  • A Phd usually takes four to five years to complete.
  • Most universities require HSK level 3 or 4 to accept foreign students into a program and require them to achieve HSK level 5 or 6 by the end of the first year at university.

If you want to apply for studies in China, LTL recommends the SICAS-Study in China website. It’s the Only Platform officially supported by both the Chinese Government & the Ministry of Education’s “Study in China” Project. It has also been authorized by nearly 300+ of China`s Top Universities.

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Price 2014:

 1,500 CNY


  • Chinese University application support
  • Interview preparation
  • Guaranteed placement with one of seven LTL partner universities upon passing HSK 4

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Social Life at LTL

Social Life at LTLStudents enjoying lunch together at LTL Mandarin School in Beijing

  • Meet other students from all over the world
  • Great student community
  • School dinners, karaoke, drinks and many other activities
  • Climb the Great Wall together
  • Spend traditional Chinese Holidays with other students and LTL

Community is very important for us at LTL. Our students come from all over the world, with a very wide variety of backgrounds, language abilities and China experience but are all united in their passion for learning Chinese and discovering China’s culture. We study together, meet for dinners, join for drinks, explore China’s capital and hope to meet many friends along the way. Learning Chinese can be more fun than a holiday. Join one of China’s most international and fun communities while learning Mandarin in Beijing. read more


The School Location

The LTL Beijing Central Business District campus

  • Located in the heart of the city
  • 400m walking distance to subway station
  • All you can drink free coffee & tea
  • Gym, basketball court, and swimming pool inside the complex
  • Banks, restaurants and shopping malls within walking distance

Study Chinese in centre of Beijing, the Central Business District. With convenient subway and bus access, plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars right next to our school, the area around LTL is filled with life. Experience the energy of studying in the heart of the capital, today’s centre of business, culture, and power of the world’s largest and fastest growing country. In the Central Business District, life goes 24/7 Beijing style, with Gucci shops next to tiny noodle restaurants, old men playing Chinese chess on the street besides luxury shopping malls. Beijing is big, fast, exciting, rich and at the same time small, slow, historic and poor and there is no better place to experience this amazing city, it’s contradictions and culture than the CBD.

The school is located in one of the first complexes built in the Central Business District and on the 29th floor of the Sunshine 100 complex next to Beijing’s first subway line (Line 1). With a total of ten class rooms, a common area with sofas, free WIFI, a kitchen and a lunch area, the school atmosphere is family style, where everyone eats lunch together and can relax after class with their classmates and teachers. If you want to know where to get the best noodles in the area or just need some help with your homework  we are happy to help – just ask.

School Tour Video

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How to Sign Up

Know everything you need to know? Ready for your Chinese adventure? You can sign up online for your language course at LTL by filling out the form on our Sign Up page

If you want to learn about the LTL sign up process, you can download our LTL Sign Up Guide for step by step information.