Internship in China

Intern & Accommodation


  • Internships in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Choose an English, Chinese or mixed language internship
  • Live in a shared apartment or homestay
  • Optionally choose Chinese language classes
  • Great intern community for activities and fun
  • Your internship can last one to six months, you decide


Need an internship quickly? For only 1,000CNY extra you can start you internship in China 4 weeks  after you signed up with the “Urgent Internship Program” . Apply Now

Do an internship in an either English or Chinese language environment in Beijing or Shanghai, experience China and gain invaluable work experience. The companies in the LTL network offering internships range from international corporations to local SMEs. Internships are offered for a wide variety of industries and can vary in length from one to six months throughout the year.

In the following industries internships are offered in Beijing and Shanghai:

Sales, Marketing, Law, Finance, Real Estate, Design, Linguistics, Teaching, Kindergarden, Sports, Environment, Event Management, Tourism, NGOs, Enterpreneurship, Business, Architecture, IT.

Accommodation is either in shared apartments or homestaysCBD Shared Apartment Beijing. Homestays are offered in different places in Beijing, while shared apartments are located either next to the China Media & Communication University or in the Central Business District.

Choose the type of accommodation that fits you and your budget best. For details please check the prices section.

To apply please contact us or send us an email on with your CV and details regarding your preferred internship. A specialized internship advisor will contact you then to arrange a Skype oh phone interview with you to discuss your internship preferences with you. After the interview, LTL will apply for suitable internships in China for you and organize Skype interviews for you. Once you were confirmed for your internship, you complete your booking with LTL and your internship advisor will guide you through the organization and visa process.

*Quick Book application Tip: if you are in a rush, make sure you email us as much information as possible about you and your work preferences, including your phone and Skype contacts so we do not loose any time. Be aware the 4 week process starts from the day you sign up (not when you email), so the quicker you decide on what you’re looking for and sign up, the quicker you will be in China.

To learn Mandarin while in China, you can either choose an intensive Chinese course or the study and work option, where you will study either six hours of small group classes at the LTL Central Business District school or two hours of one-on-one class at your office per week.

Beijing nightlife

Social life as an intern with the LTL program is both exciting and very international. You will join the LTL intern community, with weekly dinners, Chinese language corners, the infamous LTL Friday night drinks, and Karaoke signing sessions for our interns and students in China. We organize regular trips to the Great Wall and other locations in China, which are always a lot of fun and a great way to experience China together with other interns from all over the world.

You can start your internship on any Monday throughout the year. To organize your internship in China Contact us now.

Intern Semester

Internship China

  • Intern in China in an English language environment, organized by LTL
  • Four weeks Chinese language preparation month
  • Four weeks Chinese homestay or shared apartment included
  • Chinese language classes while working included
  • Join our intern community for activities and fun
  • Choose between our four, five or six months programs

The LTL Semester Internship Program means you will first spend a month at our Chinese language school in Beijing’s Central Business District to learn the basics of Mandarin, make friends with fellow interns and other students, while immersing yourself into Chinese culture, living with a Chinese family, experiencing the cuisine, culture and customs first hand.

After the first month you will start your internship with your company, either in Beijing or Shanghai lasting from three to six months. LTL uses its wide network of connections to organize the internship for you, from the interviews to guiding you through the visa application process, let LTL help you to find your perfect internship in China.

The Internships are in a wide range of companies ranging from multinational corporations to start ups and in an English speaking environment, though you will have plenty of opportunities to use your new Chinese language skills. LTL provides internships in Beijing and Shanghai in the following areas: Sales, Marketing, Law, Architecture, Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Linguistics, Teaching, Translation, Design, Engineering, Real Estate, Event Management, Tourism, IT and NGOs.

Interns having lunch in Beijing

During the first four weeks all interns study Mandarin in China’s capital, Beijing. Different levels are offered both for complete beginners and students who already studied Chinese previously. All classes are in small groups, with a maximum of six students per class, twenty hours per week. At the school you will not only meet other interns, but also Chinese language students from all over the world and learn the basics you need for your internship.

Interns continue to study Chinese during the whole duration of their internship, either six hours per week in a small group class at the school or two hours of one-on-one classes, taught at your company.


Homestay or shared apartment accommodation is provided for all interns during the first four week language course in Beijing. To truly experience Chinese culture, there is no better way than living with a Chinese homestay. Choose between a family that speaks Chinese only or with English language skills. Host families are no more than 30 minutes travel time away from the school in the Beijing’s CBD, with modern facilities, breakfast and dinner included.
Shared apartments are next to the China’s Communication University, four subway stops away from the school and are shared with local university students or other international interns and language students. You can choose between a large room with your en-suite bathroom or a small room with a shared bathroom.

Both homestay and shared apartment accommodation have internet with bills included.

Social life in the LTL intern community is very varied and very international. You will meet other interns from all over the world, hike China’s Great Wall together, go for dinners and discover Beijing’s nightlife. Discover China, it’s culture and a world that could not be more different together. LTL offers a wide range of services including airport pick-ups, Chinese SIM card on arrival, 24/7 support etc. for interns.


For accommodation during your internship after you finished your first month of accommodation, you can either continue to stay with your homestay family / shared apartment, move into another LTL accommodation type or let us support you in finding a room in a shared apartment yourself, close to your company.


Teach English

chinese language school beijing specials

Teach English in China

  • Chinese preparation month in Beijing
  • Teach English for 18 weeks in China
  • All accommodation included
  • Stipend
  • Loads of fun
  • Great Service

Discover China and have the experience of a life time. You will spend the first month in Beijing’s Central Business District, studying the basics of the Chinese language and getting ready for your English teaching internship. Here you will meet many other international interns, who just like you came to China to experience this amazing country, you will explore together, and make friends from all over the world. The next 18 weeks you will be teaching English in one of China’s main cities, explore, discover, experience, and truly Live the Language. read more


How your internship works

Chinese preperation

Companies that hire interns in China are looking for young, motivated, international applicants who will help them to grow their business, while settling into their companies and positions quickly  – and with as little additional work for the HR department as possible.

At LTL we guarantee our partner companies that before an interns start to work, we will have provided the intern with not only often with basic Chinese language training, but also organize accommodation, social activities, visa support and cultural immersion for interns in China before they join the company.

This meanLTL Schools HR departments know that when an LTL intern starts an internship, he will already have gained an understanding of the culture and lthere is back up support available when needed. This means interns can work more efficiently and create less work for the HR department. And that is why companies, both large and small, all over China choose to hire their interns via LTL, most having done so for years and many of them exclusively.


With this partner network LTL can find the internship that fits you best, while helping you to perform during your internship by making sure that you settle quickly and smoothly into China, with a good support network, visa support, plenty of new friends and a thorough understanding of Chinese culture and work ethics.



Felix eating streatfood in Xian

Intern & Accommodation

During my internship in Beijing I am challenged at work every day, have so far participated in several very interesting projects and been able to finally apply what I studied at university in a real business. The team is very nice and I enjoy working there a lot. It is my second last week right now and I am very sad that I will have to leave Beijing so soon. If it was up to me, I would stay forever and will definitely come back.

- Felix, Germany

Four weeks small group Chinese class, five weeks internship for a British software company, shared apartment large room, Great Wall trip, Xian trip and survival kit


Katarina on the Great Wall

Intern Semester

Working in a Chinese company was a very interesting and challenging experience. I was the only foreigner in my department and my colleagues quickly started taking me to meetings with foreign clients. Later on my company sent me on several business trips throughout China and it was great to be part of a real PR team. My colleagues were all Chinese, but we get on very well, having lunch together and learning about each others culture. I really hope to be back in China soon.

- Katarina, Croatia

Four weeks small group Chinese class, four months internship for a Chinese PR & media consultancy, homestay, Great Wall trip and survival kit.

internship in beijing

Lisa with her colleagues

Intern and Group Class

I really enjoyed both my internship and China. I learned a lot during my time in Beijing, both about architecture and how an office works in general but also, what it means to work in a Chinese team and company in China. I think I also understand a lot more about Chinese culture, Chinese people and a little bit more about the language now, even though I think there is still a lot left to learn.

Read the full blog post Lisa wrote about her internship experience in Beijing.

- Lisa, Germany

One week of small group Chinese class, followed by a seven week internship for a Chinese Architecture Company.


Programs can be organized for different lengths of time, optionally with our without Chinese language course and accommodation or internship only. Contact us for details.


Intern & Accommodation

All Prices in Chinese Yuan (CNY) Description 4 8 12 16 20 24 Extra
Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Month
Intern & Small Room Small room, shared bathroom, full services, internship, 13,360 16,720 20,080 23,440 26,800 30,160 3,360
Intern & Large Room Large room en-suite bathroom, full services, internship 15,040 20,080 25,120 30,160 35,200 40,240 5,040
Intern & Homestay Single room homestay, incl. breakfast & dinner, full services, internship 18,624 25,954 31,991 39,322 46,652 53,982 7,330

Want to learn Chinese while working? Upgrade your internship with a Chinese language course.

Prices in RMB Upgrade 4 8 12 16 20 24 Extra
Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Month
Chinese Course 6h of group or 2h of 1-on-1 class at your office/week 1,440 2,560 3,360 4,320 5,200 6,000 960

*Please note: all of our prices are in CNY.


Intern Semester

Prices in RMB Description 16 20 24 30 Extra
Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Week
Intern Semester Small Room 1st month small room, shared bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 20,904 22,344 24,504 25,944 360
Intern Semester Large Room 1st month large room en-suite bathroom, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 23,004 24,444 26,604 28,044 360
Intern Semester Homestay 1st month single room homestay, incl. breakfast & dinner, and full time Chinese course, followed by internship & part-time Chinese classes. 26,576 28,016 30,176 31,616 360

*Please note: all of our prices are in CNY.


Check here for more pictures and additional information for homestays and shared apartments.  It is possible to change programs according to specific requirements. Contact us to sign up or ask questions.

Social Life at LTL

Social Life at LTLHoliday in China

  • Meet other students from all over the world
  • Great student community
  • School dinners, karaoke, drinks and many other activities
  • Climb the Great Wall together
  • Spend traditional Chinese Holidays with other students and LTL

Community is very important for us at LTL. Our students come from all over the world, with a very wide variety of backgrounds, language abilities and China experience but are all united in their passion for learning Chinese and discovering China’s culture. We study together, meet for dinners, join for drinks, explore China’s capital and hope to meet many friends along the way. Learning Chinese can be more fun than a holiday. Join one of China’s most international and fun communities while learning Mandarin in Beijing. read more


Have a look at the LTL Mandarin School Sign Up Guide  for details on how to book a course.

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